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dr vijaya: Sonia and the Congress Presidency

sep 6th, 2010

all hail the fuhrer... er il duce... er i mean the hereditary empress of india, antonia maino alias sonia gandhi-nehru

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'Sonia and the Congress Presidency'

Dr.Vijaya Rajiva (Haindava Keralam, 04/09/2010)

The latest shocking allegation concerning Rahul Gandhi has begun
to transform the heir to the Gandhi dynasty from a harmless,not
too bright young man, to a person the people of Bharat must take
a second look at. The allegation is that he is implicated in the
Commonwealth Games scam : of the Rs.40,000 crores spent on
preps. some Rs.15,000 crores have been given as bribes to
consultants and others. Rahul is believed to be high on the list of
recipients and the money presumably is being routed through
London, England.

True, there is often a great deal of corruption in ruling circles and
the present Congress Party (unlike its once glorious predecessor)
can be no exception. But in addition, the performance of this
Party has been dismal. Congress has been called not only a sinking
ship but also a sinking ship ! More and more columnists are criticising
not only the rampant corruption but the misgovernance of the

The aam admi has been long forgotten. Grain is rotting in government
storage facilities, while the poor are starving. Prices are rising. The
economy is floundering. Foreign policy is in shambles. Insurgencies
are not contained. Naxal violence grows by the day . . . . .

And now comes the troubling news that Sonia Gandhi has been
re elected to a fourth term as Congress President.

While all of the above mentioned problems are very much there, in the
opinion of the present writer, this news is exceedingly troubling for Bharat as
a nation . Concentrating so much power in one person especially one who
is an Italian Catholic, bodes ill for the country. Consider the situation.

She was born in Italy in an obscure village and raised as a devout Catholic.
The good nuns sent her to England to study English in order to be inducted
into the workforce as a working class woman(an au pair girl etc.), so the
story goes.

She meets Rajiv Gandhi, a romance ensues, and the two eventually get
married (Indira was initially opposed but relented subsequently). Rajiv was
not planning to enter politics since he wanted to remain a pilot.His mother's
assasination changed all that.He became the Prime Minister of India. Sonia
was also not planning to enter politics. She did not
take Indian citizenship until 16 years after marriage. After her husband's
assasination by the LTTE she withdrew into private life. In 1997 she was
persuaded to join her husband's Congress Party.

And then by 1998, a desperate Congress Party which needed a boost to
its waning fortunes, elected her as President of the Party. In these 12 years
she has gathered enormous power in her hands. In a recent debate on CNNIBN
journalist Vinod Mehta argued that Sonia had delivered and that was the secret
of her success.

The question ofcourse is : delivered what ? The Indian public voted for the
Congress out of sympathy after Rajiv's assasination, and in memory of the
once glorious freedom struggle party. And Sonia became part of the mystique.

But the present writer sees Sonia's elevation to power as a great misfortune
for Bharat. Sonia has not, despite cosmetic changes, left her village Italian
Catholic roots behind. She has not identified with the Hindu ethos of a
predominantly Hindu country. She has no knowledge of Indian history and
it is doubtful whether she even acquired a rudimentary knowledge of the
same in the obscure village town in Italy where she went to school. Her
formal education seems to have ended there. It is not clear whether she
even has a diploma from the shop run school that taught English to people
like her in Cambridge city. Contrary to what the Indian public has been led to
believe, she did not study at Cambridge university. It was Rajiv who was a
student there.

Further, despite cosmetic changes in dress, she is still, so it would seem, a
devout Catholic with allegiance to the Pope in Rome. The previous Pope
expressly said on his visit to Bharat that the duty of Roman Catholics was
to harvest souls for Christ in India. Under Sonia's tenure it has been reported
that there is an acclerated drive towards conversion, the persecution of
venerated spiritual leaders such as the Sankaracharya, the open flaunting
in states like Kerala of the allegiance to the Pope as their leader (
the attempt to take away temple lands from Tirumala (in a Congress run state)
and many more such events. These are reported frequently in local papers, if
not in the liberal mainstream media which has quietly ignored or downplayed
these many incidents.

The present writer believes that two factors are important in Sonia's
mental makeup (for which she cannot be wholly blamed) which spell disaster
for Bharat. . . . .


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