Friday, September 10, 2010

teesta setalvad leads a charmed life: she can get away with toying with the judiciary

sept 10th, 2010

and filing frivolous case after frivolous case until the courts give in and give her the verdict she wants. which usually is "all mohammedans are innocent on all counts, all hindus are guilty on all counts".

what's the secret of her success? could it be her good looks and charm and personal magnetism? 

and isn't she a member of all sorts of committees in the GoI, and pretty close to the powers-that-be?

must be sugar-daddy's deep pockets, coupled with a few judicious threats here and there.

it's amazing, how all those who keep carping on the wonders of india's judicial system do not see fit to comment on teesta's utter disregard for judicial norms. 

first zahira shaikh, erstwhile star witness for teesta, swore she had been 'led' and coerced into filing affidavits she didn't know the contents of -- she being illiterate. she also said teesta just printed stuff from her computer and told zahira and others to affix their thumbprints on them. for her pains, zahira was given a slap on the wrist.

now rais khan, former aide, has filed criminal charges against teesta. 

nothing ever happens to 'teflon' teesta.

this is the right time for modi and the bjp to sue her for libel, defamation, along with criminal witness tampering. 

and, oh, naturally, the entire ELM has kept very quiet both about zahira shaikh's disclosures, and about rais khan's suit.

what, they want a videotape of teesta and that annoying husband of hers (who thinks he's very funny. you ain't, boy!) actually leading witnesses?

i am, as always, reminded of every witness saying "lithe like a tiger" in costa-gavras' 'Z'. which leads the investigating magistrate to suspect foul play. so do we assume that the fact that all the witnesses had the exact same story did not lead the investigating judge to suspect there was something the matter with teesta's witnesses? 

just like nothing happened to genocide suzie and harsh mander when their purple prose about pregnant mohammedan female being disemboweled turned out to be pure fiction, and therefore blood libel? why isn't anybody challenging these purveyors of fantasy?

where are the legal eagles of the bjp?

given what happens to whistleblowers (at least 21 users of RTI have been bumped off recently) and the election commission's terrorizing of hari prasad recently, i suspect rais khan will turn up -- rather dead -- in some back alley soon. (or maybe because he's a mohammedan they won't kill him. lucky him.)


Raghu said...

The point to be noted here is how complete the effect of conversion to Islam is on the outlook of a person.
Nothing is known (at least to me) regarding Teesta's life prior to marriage to this Javed Anand. Her Islamic name is also publicly unstated and unused (as may be the case with "Madhuri Gupta"; btw no update regarding her).
Why has nobody interviewed Rais Khan?
Also, still no clarity/ update/ believable news on Sadhvi Pragya Thakur's case.
I do not believe a word from the ELM.

Eternalsoul said...

Rajeev, why dont you write an op-ed in DNA about this so the laity can also wonder about this fraudster?

Sumanth said...

Sindh: Kidnapping of Hindu children on rise -

Teesta setalvad ji kaho ho aap ? Aap ko Kashmir mein Pundit log, Sindh mein minority Hindu, 1984 ke Sikh dikhaayi nahin dete, Achanak 2002 mein Gujarat mein aapko gyanoday huan aur itna dilchaspi dikharahete, lagta hein aur kahin paisa dene wala koi nahin hein na ?

Water Engineer said...

I wonder why no criminal defamation case is filed against her.