Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UN Seat for Kashmir offer from o'bummer; nobel peace prize too, probably

sep 27th, 2010

it's official now, the mother of all frauds from the original snake-oil salesmen.

the manchurian will offer the 'honest, decent' (TM) one a deal he cannot refuse:

a. security council seat (with conditions, such as no veto)
b. nobel peace prize 

in return for (drum roll......)

kashmir is given to the ISI!!!

and you want to bet the 'deal' will be accepted with open arms?

jai ho! all the jaichands will rush to tell us why this is the right thing to do.

so o'bummer will have his foreign policy victory, the ISI will be happy for about ten minutes and then will demand hyderabad and junagadh, and the 'leaders' and the ELM will extol this as the greatest peace initiative since, since, well... chamberlain said "we have peace in our time". 

and nobody will ask the obvious question: "if it's so easy for the yanks to give india the security council seat, why haven't they done it so far?"

of course the answer is: "no, the yanks cannot give india the security council seat. the hans will veto it".

in the end, india will give up j&k, and the yanks will say, "but, we tried. we couldn't get you the seat because china wouldn't allow it". or, "china only agrees to a non-veto, second-class membership for india". or, "china says india can be in the security council only when pakistan is also in the security council:".

let us remember that when the asian seat was offered to india, the wise one's response was: "give the seat to china first". now china is returning the compliment and saying, "give the seat to pakistan first". oh yes, famous negotiation tactics.

this is yet another himalayan blunder, like the 'nuclear deal'.

end result: ISI will transfer j&k to china and move its storm troopers into UP, kerala, hyderabad, etc. 

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You must have come across this already - if not:


Certainly the ultimate Fak-Ap strategy from Obummer.



WASHINGTON: Go for a Kashmir solution and help bring stability to the region for a ticket to UN Security Council membership and fulfilling your big power aspirations. That's the broad message President Barack Obama will be bringing to New Delhi during his upcoming November visit to India, preparation for which are in full swing in Washington DC. 

The Kashmir settlement-for-seat at high table idea (euphemism for UNSC membership) is being discussed animatedly in the highest levels of the US administration, according to a various sources. President Obama himself has decided to revive the process of a US push in this direction, albeit discreetly, because of New Delhi's sensitivities. 


Raghu said...

Never trust US, Pak or China.
Evolve our own strategy and get the UNSC if and when we want it.

Madhav said...

There are many aspects to Obama's offer:

Legally speaking, Pakistan is in illegal occupation of Kashmir. This should be borne in mind even before such an offer is made.

As for the UNSC, what is it the UNSC seat can do to India, that it cannot get done now? For an army of our size, nuclear weapons, et al our geo-strategic leverage is zilch. Moreover,our army is good for nothing in combat, because most of our equipment is imported . That makes them good only for peace time operations like floods, etc. I mean, man to man we may be the best force, but where are the arms to back the sepoy?

All this media generated nonsense of India as an emerging superpower makes me laugh. We cannot prosecute the corrupt nor does the government's writ run in large parts of India. If not for our geographic size, we would be another of those failed states the media lampoons.

Once J&K is frittered, what use is the UNSC seat. China's string of pearls will strangle us anyway.

My two cents: After the monkey business of China in POK got out, there is only one way to ensure India stands up and gets counted: The elimination of our Western neighbour, a source of much nuisance. We should tell Obama that the Afpak FakAp is it's own doing and we will have none of it's solutions

Our leaders have failed this Great Nation. I'm ashamed to be an Indian after this news. If we had any sense of strategy, we should have made these proposals to the US rather than they presenting us their wishlist.Since we have outsourced our geo-strategic thinking to the US, why not outsource our security and government to China. The way our government operates, any talk of governance is humbug.At least China can bring in the "benevolent dictatorship" we so much crave for.

So uch for Mr. 10% growth MMS. His corrupt partymen feed us delusions of superpower grandeur and he sleeps on the job dreaming of a Nobel.

With such leaders, why blame our neighbours?

Cry, my beloved Nation.