Monday, September 27, 2010

Muslim shoots Hindu police sub-inspector dead near Nilambur (Malappuram)

sep 27th, 2010

this excited no breathless commentary in the media.

just imagine the fuss there would have been if the reverse had been true, and a hindu criminal shot and killed a mohammedan police officer.

this is the state of the art in india. a mohammedan can do anything to a hindu and get away with it.

incidentally after two weeks, there is absolutely no cry for justice. the poor hindu man's family is grieving for him, that's all. and then they will probably get a pittance from the government. 

meanwhile the stone-throwing terrorists in jammu-kashmir who died in police firing are being given rs. 500,000 as compensation.

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Accused shoots SI near Nilambur

Staff Reporter, Sep 13, 2010

MALAPPURAM: A police sub-inspector who went to the house of an accused to serve him an arrest warrant was shot dead at Chokkad, near Nilambur, on Sunday. Vijaya Krishnan, 53, Grade Sub-Inspector of the Kalikavu police station, was shot on the chest with a country-made rifle. He died on the way to hospital.

Arangodan Mujeeb Rahman, accused in a marriage fraud case, escaped into the forests after shooting the sub-inspector. Rahman reportedly fired four rounds at a police team that came to his house near Girijan Colony at Chokkad with the warrant issued by the Family Court.

The police team reached his house with the warrant at 12.45 p.m. after he refused to respond to the calls from the police station.

Rahman shot at the police team from the first floor of his house. Vijaya Krishnan was felled by the first shot. The accused ran away and escaped into the forests.

Senior police officers including Additional Director-General of Police Mahesh Kumar Singla and Inspector-General B.S. Mohammed Yasin visited the spot. 

Vijaya Krishnan belonged to Ambalapadi, Wandoor. His body was shifted to the Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode, for post-mortem examination.

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Moksha said...

It's sad. In this country, when a hindu policeman kills a proven criminal/terrorist(who is muslim), the mainstream media goes on an overdrive to paint the policeman as a villian. But a Hindu policeman killed by a muslim criminal- nothing from the media. shameful really.