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why do grown men turn into blubbering idiots when talking about mohammedanism?

sep 6th, 2010

i guess it's a) fear, b) unconscious dhimmitude, c) groveling hope especially in the case of deepak chopra that there'll be some money available at the end of the day

here's deepak chopra making an ass of himself -- (apparently he does this when he talks about christism as well, with his 'jesus' garbage. it's only when he claims yoga has nothing to do with hinduism that he loses his obsequiousness and boot-lickingness. i used to have some respect for him, but i have come to realize he's yet another charlatan.)

and here's the israeli ambassador to india going out of his way to brown-nose and suck up, and a citizen who's furious about it:

Friends :

Mark Sofer, the Ambassador of Israel, is a friend. I have, therefore, written a frank and strong letter to him.

Those of you who agree with my views, and are appalled by what has been reported, may think of writing independently to the Israeli Ambassador in your own format.


From: Jay
Date: 4 September 2010 13:03
Subject: Fwd: Jews, Muslims cousins, says Israel envoy at Ajmer Sharif
To: "Israeli Ambassador <" <>, Israeli Ambassador's Secretary <>
Cc: political-in <>

Mark Sofer
Ambassador of Israel in India
New Delhi

Dear Mark :                        4 September 2010

Please see the news report below.

Have you been quoted correctly ?

If you have actually said what has been ascribed to you, this assumes enormous significance.

If you really mean what you are supposed to have said, have you gone bonkers ?  Stark raving bonkers ?  Diplomatic niceties have to be given a go-by, in such a case.

You are treating our ancient and great Indic civilisation with no respect whatsoever, if you continue to do what you are reported to have done.  There is a grave risk of  wiping out the assiduous efforts, post-independence, of more than 60 years of building bridges between Indic culture and Israel / Judaic civilisation.

Let me know, please, at the earliest. Israel's friends in India need to make up their minds whether this is a gigantic cock-up or whether there are sinister forces at work.

Yours, in grief,


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From: D.C. Nath (Patriots' Forum) <>
Date: 4 September 2010 12:21
Subject: Jews, Muslims cousins, says Israel envoy at Ajmer Sharif

PF/17/2010                                         Dated September 4, 2010

Dear Friends,

Sub: Jews, Muslims cousins, says Israel envoy at Ajmer Sharif.

'May like to see an interesting report as above, appearing in the Hindustan Times of September (4) 2010.

Best regards,

Yours sincerely,

D.C. Nath

Jews, Muslims cousins, says Israel envoy at Ajmer Sharif

New Delhi: In historic move to reach out to Muslims, and using India as a staging point, Israel's ambassador Mark Sofer prayed at Ajmer Sharif on Thursday, the the first representative of the Jewish state to do so. Sofer said the timing of his visit was "auspicious", coinciding with the resumption of direct talks between Israel and Palestinians in Washington. He said Israel "respects Islam and loves Muslims".

"The Israeli-Palestinian problem is not a religious but a political issue. Jews and Muslims are children of Abraham. We are cousins," Sofer said. In return for his visit, the hereditary caretakers of Ajmer Sharif will go to Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque, the third holiest place in Islam.
"Welcome to the real face of Islam," senior hereditary khadim (caretaker), Syed Sarwar Chishty told Sofer, ushering him in. Donning a skullcap, the diplomat replied: "We know bin Laden is not Islam." After a guided tour, the top Israeli diplomat placed a chaddar at the shrine, and spent a few silent moments.

Hindustan Times, September 4, 2010

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Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

Actually, the Israeli Ambassador is right about Jews and Muslims both being children of Abraham. Islam also recognises and respects the Jewish prophets and worships very much the same God. Islam also respects Jesus as a prophet, though it does not accept him as the son of God.

The enmity is over Mo's claim about being the last prophet and demanding allegiance, obeisance and all such things worthy of a prphet from Jews (and Christians) who differ, and rather strongly so about his being a prophet. Their disagreement earned them Mo's wrath (Jews) while he was alive whose vituperations against the Jews would have made Shakespeare (or was it William Congreve?)reconsider 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'.