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bharat gupt/delhi: My Lecture Caste, Love and Honor Killings Habitat Sept 13 , 2010

sep 10th, 2010

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Date: Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 6:42 AM
Subject: My Lecture Caste, Love and Honor Killings Habitat Sept 13 , 2010

Dear Friends,
You are most cordially requested to
come to my lecture and participate in the following
discussion, my lectures as detailed below.
This is a burning issue in Indian society whcih keeps raising
its head again and again and is part of the larger
problem of India sinking into a caste quagmire after 66 years
of Independence.
Kindly forward this mail through whatever forums you can
to all those you think would be interested in participating.
Please display the attached poster in your institution or office.
Bharat Gupt
Associate Professor, Delhi University,
Founder member and Trustee
International Forum for India's Heritage.
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Habitat Center

Lodi Road, New Delhi


Caste, Love & Honour Killings:

Religion or Vote Politics?


 Prof Bharat Gupt


Monday, 13 Sept 2010


                                               Gulmohar Hall 6:30 pm



Shri Ram Madhav


Recently honour killings under the guise of gotra  and caste demands have caused serious concern for

 freedom of the young to choose their partners.

Prof Bharat Gupt will refer to classical texts revealing the liberalism and diversity of ancient Indian society which can be an inspiration for modern solutions.

Shri Ram Madhav shall lead a discussion with the audience.



                                                                                   ENTRY AND PARKING AT GATE NO. 3



                                                           ALL ARE CORDIALLY INVITED





Right Angle said...

why single out caste for honour killings? as though love is all everything in this world, and that castes are against this nobly love.. dont we see a typical abrahamic train in this approach.. in the former, anything against bible is to be destroyed.. in the later, anything against love has to be destroyed.. but ofcourse, not able to dare to oppose religions, they are beating caste, where they wont get any retaliation..

Honour killing is something that is to be understood.. When parents chose to kill their son/daughter, and go to jail, dont we feel a need to understand the issue?

But we are painting those parents as criminals, which any way is wrong portraying..

Based on my discussion with him in hinducivilization group, he is clearly and unjustly biased against caste system..

Bharat said...

Not me but you Senthil are biased in favour of continuing Jati vyavastha inspite of the fact hat it is system if yore that cannot deliver in the present. Bharat Gupt