Sunday, September 12, 2010

China's 2nd lunar probe set for launch this year

The Chinese are jealous that India touched the Moon's surface ahead of them, so now they need to launch a whole extra mission just to get a lunar impactor on the surface ASAP. Note that this mission wasn't planned before, and has only recently been added to their mission itinerary.


കലിപ്പ് said...

this is the normal course of scientific development. or in fact every mans development. This cannot be called as jealousy. if there is no so called jealousy, there is no development. Its human nature to look at what others have done and strive to do better.

nutwit said...

commie commie bhai bhai?

Jatin said...

@ കലിപ്പ്
How do you explain the lack of development of Pakis in spite of having so much "so called jealousy"? Or it it because of their "human nature" to not to let jealousy work for their betterment?

BTW, chinkus have wholeheartedly advanced their scientific and engineering development with stolen technologies and industrial espionage. But again, according to you, it could be modern man's nature to do so.