Thursday, September 16, 2010

Obama's linguistic innovations

sep 16th, 2010

it's like musharraf declaring "mohammedanism is the most tolerant religion". 

on which planet would that be?

similarly, a peace-loving mohammedanism? where? where? on which planet?

oh, i get it, planet moonbeam. on which nobel prizes are handed out.

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US not at war with a non-existent entity - true lies in support of real peace!


nutwit said...

Something like a good muslim - an oxymoron in itself. One is good or one is a muslim

Zahra Youssry said...

And what's about burning the Holy Koran?
Is that the peace loving and tolerance in your opinion?

nizhal yoddha said...

well, zahra, nobody actually burned a koran, did they?

but here's what mohammedans actually did in west bengal, india, just a couple of weeks ago: massive rioting against hindus, desecration of hindu temples. surely this is not exactly peace-loving and tolerant? or is it okay in the mohammedan dictionary because the victims are not 'innocent', being hindus?,marketslootedatdeganga.html

Zahra Youssry said...

Dear Nizhal,
Any religion has radicals and terrorists, and not Islam only!
Those few groups do badly for themselves, not for their religions.
I challenge any Christian on earth, if he read the translated Koran deeply and tried to know the true Islam without Islamophobia, he will convert to Islam immediately.
The Jews everyday kill the children in Palestine and the Christians declared the Crusades in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia & Chechnya.
Why no one said that the Christianity & the Judaism are terroristic religions?!

Arvind said...


Christism is definitely a terrorist religion like Islam. Your argument is flawed because even if the Koran intends only good things, if someone can read it and become a violent terrorist, such a book is dangerous and bad.

The argument about "every religion" having radicals is wrong. The extremists in Eastern religions become more detached from the world and become monks as they become more involved in their faiths. In Jerusalem religions, the more religious you become, the more control you want over the world. And the more chances that you will become a terrorist.

So the fundamental difference is that some religions shun the world while others want to control the world.

M. Patil said...


Don't try this Taquiya on us. We also know about abrogation principle.

Stop hiding behind Islamophobia burkha and face the rampant Kaffirophobia in your Koran. More people are wary of Islam in US in 2009 than in 2001 because people have read the Koran and seen the divinely ordained hatred for the other(Kaffir, Jews, Pagans etc). And people see how 50+ Islamic nations treat their minorities.

Wary of Islam is grounded in facts.