Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turks Remove Last Barriers to Islamization

The latest polls show that the referendum held by the ruling Turkish pro-Islamist govt has passed by 58% to 42%. This effectively removes the last barriers to Islamization of the country. I'm actually quite glad this has happened, as this will now revive an Islamic buildup on the borders of Europe. The Europeans and Atlanticists have been steady supporters of Islamist aggression as a way to undermine their arch-enemy Russia. Indians have suffered tremendous collateral damage from this strategy, at the hands of Western-created Islamist militancy.

But Turkey's Islamization offers a chance for the chickens to come home to roost. It will soon be Europe's turn to feel Islamic expansionism breathing down its neck once again.


Anonymous said...
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Jatin said...

@Sage - well said.

Sandeep said...

are there any details what the ammendments are about? the link provided seems to show it as rather "just" thing.. (removing protection for those who aided the coup)

whats this got to do with islamization?

san said...

The military and military-installed judiciary in Turkey are the pillars of secularism, and the ultimate barriers against Islamization. Erdogan & Co have finally managed to wrest control from the military by arresting many senior officers in an Purohit-style witch-hunt investigation to root out conspirators against his govt within the military.

Naturally, the Europeans welcome any move to de-fang Turkey's military, which they see as a threat to them. Little do they realize that unleashing the Islamist genie from the bottle will now create an even greater threat to them. Perhaps the Europeans are naively hoping to deflect any Turkish Islamism against Russia. But I think the Russians under Putin & Co will be deft enough to dodge the bullet.

M. Patil said...

I think Turkey can kiss EU membership good bye.

Turkey is heavily dependent on EU for its exports and US and EU for investment in Turkey.

Surely, Interesting times are ahead.

Sage, I do not think entire Western Europe has thrown in white towel. I am impressed with how Danes, French and other nations are fighting back. They are making it clear that Muslim population is not welcome through marriage restrictions, and asylum restrictions. Angela Merkel honored Danish Catoonist. Those EU folks know their history. Seige of Vienna is still taught in several EU schools. Those people have much better civilizational memories than moron Hindus.