Monday, September 27, 2010

For Bloomberg Ganesh is Elephant God; by that logic is jesus a sheep god?

sep 27th, 2010

actually, jesus is the corpse god. you know, the mutilated, bloody corpse of a dead jew stuck on a stick is what they worship. they call it a cross.

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From: Vipul 

Namaskaar Rajeev,
I am working in financial services industry in Mumbai. One of my clients mentioned that the bloomberg terminal flashed a news item today on Ganesh, calling him Elephant God. The reporters are spineless Hindus, Hari Govind and Jay Shankar.
India Day Ahead: Elephant God Marks Retail Boom; `Worrisome' Rice Prices
By Hari Govind - Sep 8, 2010
The following are some of the important stories that broke overnight, and newspaper summaries in India today:
Elephant God Marks Indian Boom for $12,500 Suits, Titan Watches
S.K. Singhal, textile president of India's biggest fabric maker, still has suits left made from the premium bale of Australian wool he bought in 2008 before the global recession. That didn't stop him buying another bale this year to make $12,500 suits for bridegrooms


Elephant God Marks Indian Boom for $12,500 Bridegroom Suits, Titan Watches

By Madelene Pearson and Jay Shankar - Sep 9, 2010
S.K. Singhal, head of textiles at India's biggest fabric maker, bought the finest wool Australia ever auctioned this year to make fifty $12,500 suits. In the wedding and festival season starting tomorrow, he expects to sell the lot.


Jatin said...

No, Jesus is a dead man hanging on a wooden pole.

Wanderer said...

Err, what's wrong with calling Ganesha an elephant God?

nizhal yoddha said...

nothing, wanderer, so long as the same people also called jesus a corpse god. strangely, they don't seem to do that. they seem to think the mutilated jewish corpse stuck on a stick is somehow 'holy'.

so long as you get literal on everything, there's no issue. it's when you denigrate one, but exalt the other, that there's an issue.

Hitanshu said...

More appropriate term in my opinion for jesus would be zombie god who ended up getting his ass nailed to the cross.