Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peace meets Love in Punjab

And the *other* residents, i.e. the Hindus and Sikhs are made to endure a curfew and rioting in
what is essentially a turf war between two belligerent competing supremacist ideologies!

Although, in this particular instance - the ROL seems to be the recipient of ROP irrationality gone berserk.

Where is the Hindu hater John Dayal now? Where is the "Hindutva genocide of 2000 Muslims" mythology manufacturer Cedric Prakash?

They're both uncharacteristically quiet - except, that their silence is quite in tune with the Vatican's cowardice when it comes to confronting violent Mohammedans. The padre's superciliousness, dehumanizing and demonising attitude is only evident against Hindus.

In the long term, though - the two binary death cults will be fighting for turf on Indian soil. It is already happening in Kerala
and some North eastern states -with Bangladeshi Mohammedan infiltrators overwhelming the local Christist converts, hitherto
comprising the majority.

Sangrur, Sep.13: The district administration of Sangrur in Punjab had to impose curfew at Malerkotla city on Monday, after a mob vandalised a church and set it on fire here last night.

The torching of the church was caused by some rumours of desecration of the holy Quran in the United States.

"The situation is peaceful, the situation is under control and barring yesterday's mishap no untoward incident has taken place.

An incensed mob torched the property of a church and violence erupted late on Sunday after hearsay that the copies of Quran had been set on fire in Michigan, USA.

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Sameer said...

Something happens in halfway across the world and these buggers react here!
They know where to hit back.. Quran burnt in Michigan and they burnt some (american?) church