Wednesday, June 22, 2005

yahoo: Klansman convicted of 1960's killing

jun 22nd

this is why one has a certain respect for the american criminal justice system: even after forty years, they do convict the murderers. goodman, cheney and schwerner -- two jews and a black -- were killed by white racists in 1964 (see 'mississippi burning'), and in 2005 at least one person is convicted.

will the godhra murderers ever face justice? of course not. india's criminal justice system, once considered incorruptible, is not any longer. it has become an instrument of the predatory, fascist, stalinist state.

will the murderers of rajan during the emergency ever be brought to justice? of course not. see the heartbreaking malayalam film 'piravi' (the birth) about the aged father searching in vain for his son who 'disappeared'.


Santhosh said...
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Santhosh said...

On a related note,
My belief that American Judicial system is incorruptible has only grown weaker with the recent acquittal of Michael Jackson.

As Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert put it, in California, one gets convicted only if a crime is committed in jury's presence. Every thing else is just substantial.

kp said...

You are absolutely right about the corruption in the Indian Judiciary. You can 'buy' a verdit nowadays, it seems. Just jot down the points you want on a piece of paper and hand it over to the right man with the moolah. And the veridict would be the same points and that too in the same exact order!!! In kerala, the man to do the job for you goes by the name 'Rauf'). Ring any bells??? He is the same Rauf of the Ice cream kutty fame..The Bloody Muslims have murdered our country.

san said...

Well, the verdict is certainly welcome. But I have to speculatively wonder whether or not it won't be used as ammunition to broadly tar the 'blue states' in comparison to the 'red states'. Because the southern states are more associated with conservatism and the northern states are more associated with liberalism, the left-wing media in the US tends to get a little gleeful at anything that can be used to skewer areas they consider to be bastions of the right-wing. I worry about a phenomenon which I would call 'tactical liberalism' -- I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Calculatingly and opportunistically adopting a liberal pretext with the cynical goal of politically undermining a certain group, as opposed to taking a principled stance in a consistent way. For example, selectively fretting about Muslim dead in the Gujarat riots while conveniently ignoring the Hindu dead, including from Godhra. Indian courts fining the Shiv Sena for riots, but not doing the same for left-wing rioters. But I would caution kp against phrases like 'Bloody Muslims' which do not add to the credibility of our arguments.

nizhal yoddha said...

good one, san. i like the term tactical liberalism. this is a widespread disease among those also afflicted by 'south-asianitis'.

Arun Cavale said...

Hi Rajeev, been reading your blog and have turned it into a daily read...agree with you on the need to be nationalistic and question our conditioned beliefs - which only get reinforced by our educational system..

On the matter of conviction of 80 y-o Klan man, while i welcome the judgement, i haqve a different take on it..."Is it good practice to evaluate yesteryear actions with current day values and ethos?"...have a post on the subject on my blog

kp said...

In case you havent realised it yet, this is not an argument. This is war. And we oughta be soldiers fighting them lot in whatever way we can. No room for softies here. And bloody muslims are just that, bloody muslims. Thanks for the advice, anyways.