Thursday, June 16, 2005 michael dell says he will sell apple os

jun 16th

this is quite interesting. dell has been selling linux based boxes for some time. this is a major fallout from apple's recent embrace of intel chips for its future boxes.

can't paste the article from david kirkpatrick, as it screws up the formatting. sorry.


san said...

Ironically, Apple's erstwhile chip supplier IBM had been urging them to forget about the PowerPC platform and embrace the new Cell processor it developed with Sony and Toshiba. Based on the specs and reviews on its speed and parallel processing capabilities, the new Cell processor promises to be a formidable technogical platform. Perhaps Apple was afraid of being flanked by Sony as a possible media/content rival. IBm has quickly moved to make the processor's specs and details openly available, to cultivate open-source development. With India being pro-Linux and pro-open-source, the Cell might be a good way to go.

Anonymous said...

Not directly related to the above link; but somehow found this editorial in NYTimes interesting.

With GM on the down slide & Toyota coming up with hybrid-engine technology (Prius), the fate of american car companies "ain't naat so good.."

Atleast for a typical desi the only time he drives american car is when he rents it from Hertz or Enterprise.