Tuesday, June 28, 2005

bbc: benny hi(ll)nn show -- 'damn, i just lost 4 million dollars'

jun 28th

this is ROTFL funny :-) and it's getting closer and closer to the benny hill comedy show day by day.

benny hill(nn)'s god == mammon, aka the almighty american dollar. poor yahweh is left in the dust.

looks like not too many wanted to be saved in nigeria. maybe all the money has been made already by the religious entrepreneurs and there is nothing left to suck out of the people.


i tell you, there's nothing more lucrative than creating a christian cult. just ask the bakkes, oral roberts, pat robertson, billy graham, jimmy swaggart, all mega-millionaires. there are hundreds of suckers born every minute.


Anonymous said...

i guess its a phase where vatican and allied evangelists/missionaries have to battle pentecostalism in the already "conquered" territories- Latin America and parts of Africa. So time for them to reinvent the wheel and pour equal amount of time/money/resources all over. The down side being, given the vulnerability of Latin American and African societies to resort to Pentecostalism, the conversion agencies might go full throttle into relatively virgin lands such as the subcontinent. So hope that doesn't happen - with such a indifferent government in place it could always favor the conversion mercenaries.

Web Inspector said...

Nigeria, the predominantly Muslim nation, did not have a problem allowing Benny Hinn in?

This is good. Leave the conmen to do what they want. They will invariably turn into laughing stock.

Compare that with India, where Benny got great mileage! And two days of violence in India's silicon valley :-(

Benny's friends in India can learn a thing or two even from Nigeria when it comes to tolerance, and who knows, may be even from Sudan and Somalia.

George the "Drain Inspector"

Anonymous said...

Left unto themselves, conmen can only go that far, but when state honchos and national media weigh in and lend credibility to these "conmen" it is a different story. Furthermore, the issue was that in Bangalore, the guy was using taxpayers' money (in terms of the meeting place being rented out for free or a nominal sum) to propagate something communal, under the garb of free speech. If I am not mistaken, some group wanted to use that space for their own meeting and couldn't avail of the facility because it was reserved for the conman (as you have appropriately termed him).

Anonymous said...

Dear web inspector any comments you wish to make on the imrana controversy.

Oops.. sorry forgot.. the marxists do not have the balls to stand up to the ulemas & mullahs of the nation..

yea secular..guys...you & Brinda Karats & Shabana Azmis & Arundati Roys will enjoy a 5-star lifestyle & bury your head like an ostrich every time a Shah Bano or an Imarana is victimised by the mullahs.

you vocal chords are activitated only for Modi.

Where is that queen of NGOs, Teesta Setavlad?

Is she like Sonia Gandhi taking a summer vacation from the heat in Simla too?

Oh yea.. why not.. with Maharashtra government making a history in load-shedding , Teesta's A/C apartment in plush Juhu area of Mumbai must be of no use now...

tch.. tch.. poor muslims.. they do not even know who their real enemies are ?

bklash said...


Anonymous said...


Looks like Imrana case is going to be analogous to the Shah Bano case in terms of setting a precedent as the SP, Cong will slug it out in UP over her to appease the minority vote.

Web Inspector said...

To the anonymous poster,

I'm sure we can find one hundred faults with Benny's Bangalore mela. What I was referring to was our violent response, which even the Africans don't seem to have. Violence will only get Benny more limelight, and he will pitch for even more funding in the US, citing the uncivilized :( people of India.

To the other anonymous poster who mentioned Imrana,

I'm not sure why you mentioned that. It is off-topic. Or you mentioned it because you think I am a Marxist? Sorry. I hold them all, the evils among the Marxists, the Mulayams, Congress, Mullas, extremist evangelists, and the ultranationalist Hindus, with equal contempt. I don't belong to any of them, sorry.

Teesta, btw, is still not proven bad. Zaheera is (tehelka exposed her and the BJP nicely), and read what Modis own Addl DGP said. I don't know if Teesta made money, but her cause (this one) is noble. No one should get away with genocide.


George the "Drain Inspector"

Anonymous said...

George, it's very clear what you are: a Kerala Christian fundamentalist living in America and pretending to be a great Indian patriot. At the same time you despise India, referring to it as a 'great country'. Shame on you for being such a liar and a cheat! But I guess your fathers (plural) taught you to be shameless and to lie through your teeth. They must be real proud of you for following in their footsteps. Did they give you these lessons before or after sodomizing you?

Anonymous said...

According to George, 'nobody should get away with genocide'. Unless they are Christians, of course. How about the 10 million Jews massacred by Christian Nazis? How about the genocide of 30 million Indians by your fellow Christians in the 19th century? How about the genocide of 1 million Indians in 1947 following the Partition created by your fellow Christian British? How about the genocide of 10,000 Sikhs led by Christians such as Jagdish Tytler after Mrs Gandhi's murder? How about the 100 million non-European people murdered by Christian imperialists all over the world? How about the genocide of 500,000 Iraqi children killed by the 10-year sanctions by Christian America and Britain? They have all gotten away with it! But all George can think about is Gujarat. What a blabbering self-righteous ass!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you in the sense that by portraying India in a bad light, these conmen can raise a lot of dough. But my point is the secular media has contributed heavily to India's bad image and you are doing the same without any hard proof.

How can you presume that there weren't any violent acts in Nigeria ? Also what was the injured/dead toll in India wrt the Hinn gig?

Examples of baseless India bashing by the media have been posted aplenty on this blog and this forum does serve as a place to rebut canards spread by the secular media.

Another argument that I would like to put forth - a heinous crime has been committed - a woman, Imrana has been raped - there have been no shrill calls by NGOs, social workers (whereas there should have been) for prosecuting the guilty, instead everybody is OK with the fact that it will be dealt in accordance with Sharia. No front page coverage - do you think that the acts of protest against Hinn deserved so much attention compared the aforementioned crime ?

It is this type of double-standards by the media that I am against - all to what end ? - preventing minorities from being tainted (which is a form of appeasement BTW) - or to let it fester to such an extent that Congress, SP and the rest can rake in during the UP elections.

prasank said...

Well George,
Nigeria is one example India should try to avoid. I have this Nigerian friend who jumped out of her school second floor to avoid bullets.
Another thing to note is that Nigeria may not have given political approval for BH as India did when the chief minister Dharam singh attended the function. I guess the violent response was more due to the political approval the function got from the ruling govt.