Friday, June 17, 2005

nytimes: friedman on bangalore product innovation

jun 17th

belatedly. now it's no longer available on the nytimes page free of charge. hence here it is from the orlando sentinel.,0,3676990.story?coll=orl-opinion-headlines

really, nobody's paying tom friedman to be so bullish on india? he's giving india publicity that money can't buy. he must be india's best brand ambassador around, now that poor dewang mehta has passed away (was bumped off?). friedman spoke at the TiE annual shindig in the silicon valley and was mobbed afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Here it comes:Minority Appeasement by YSR

Anonymous said...


Friedman's columns are also available in the Indian Express...

Anonymous said...


Although at times Friedman has a tendency to go a bit over the top, the reason why he's so effusive in his praise is - he has seen the positive side of India, one that is as real as the other side that is usually (and deliberately) the only side portrayed in the west. The BBC, for example, still covers India (South Asia, actually) with a nauseatingly condescending attitude. Unfortunately, most of the "South Asia analysts" are home-grown ingrates.

Nanda Kishore

desi dude said...

isnt he on the board of INFOSYS , too?