Thursday, June 16, 2005

jagdish bhagwati: china shows trade is the right answer

jun 16th

note, en passant, what he says about the NDA government: they were the victims of their own success in raising the economic bar.

no such problems with the UPA government. with this year's failing monsoon, we'll soon be back to the Nehruvian Rate of Growth of 3%. and everybody will be a happy camper.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the whacky world of Rajeev Srinivasan, where one minute China is a shining economic example to the rest of the third world and the next minute it's all "smoke and mirrors" and will collapse soon like a "house of cards", dig deeper in his articles and you will find even more bizarre predictions like China will launch an electro-magnetic weapons attack on Siberia by 2003 (made in 2002 I believe) and attack Japan by 2004. So typical of somebody with an inferiority complex toward China


san said...

Our Chinese friend Maoputra -- maybe an Indian Maoist, since there's no difference -- seems very sensitive to any slights against his mother country China. Again, the predictions of China's collapse are based on the fact of its lack of democracy -- a fact that Maoputra is loathe to see criticized. Because Maoists hate democracy more than anything else.

san said...

Here's yet another new example of Smoke and Mirrors by China. They're now arm-twisting MSN to help in censoring Chinese blogs from using words like "freedom", "democracy", "human rights" among other things. Looks like Maoputra wouldn't even be able to post salutations to his dear leaders from within his motherland -- they're that paranoid. No "inferiority complex" there, eh, Mao?

Anonymous said...

maoputra - brainwashed for a useless cause. Damn the commies are definitely good at that and that is the only foundation holding maopunters and his ilk up. Will love to watch them go extinct, crying and shrieking, over the next decade. Indianputras have patience for that sort of spectacle if nothing else :)