Friday, June 17, 2005

BBC: restrictions on foreign investment in media relaxed

jun 17th

i guess this is good news in that it may loosen the stranglehold of the china-funded and saudi-funded papers. the bad news is that now we'll see more vatican-funded and baptist-funded papers :-(

notice the graphic on this page: prominent is a malayalam paper (probably the christian 'malayala manorama', can barely tell because the masthead is cut off) ) with the massive headline about ratzinger becoming pope and the half-page photo.

when the pope circus was going on acres of newsprint and oceans of ink in india were spent on it, and the sonia government chipped in with the famous three-day state mourning.

when swami ranganathananda (swami who, you ask?), head of the ramakrishna matham, died at the age of 90 -- and he was a renowned scholar and monk -- hardly any papers carried anything about him.

apartheid against hindus as usual.


iamfordemocracy said...

Hello Rajeev and Others,

Anti-Hindu bias in Indian media is a proven fact. There is little point in giving evidence in favour of that hypothesis.

The question, why is it that way? If we can understand that, perhaps, there might be some way out of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev,
Have you looked what is there on this page? An xtian ad!!!!!!!!!

Is that a hoax someone played on you? Or ........... :-(((

Anonymous said...

AFAIK, most major newspapers (English) covered the Swami's death. Unless you can give some instances, the evidence for "apartheid" is scanty and you may be in for a rude shock when the "foreign" media invest in India.