Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Washington Times: chinese dragon awakes

jun 28th

while minister natwar singh and friends repeat the mantra of bhai-bhai and other antediluvian shibboleths, and buy into the 'peaceful rise of china' bullshit, the chinese have gone about briskly building up their storm troops. one of these days panzer divisions of the 'people's enslavement army' will speed towards central asia (oil and gas) and then towards europe (after all, the mongol empire extended to the gates of vienna, and the han chinese, although they too were conquered people, have manufactured the mythology that the mongol empire is their natural lebensraum. this is what they teach in schools there, minister arjun singh please note.) isn't it amazing how history can be manufactured so easily? the marxists do it every day in india, of course.

it really is no fun being a cassandra (and being ignored, as she was cursed to). i have been shouting from the rooftops about this nazi analogy for years, and i got nothing for my pains, alas.

i am sure the marxists of india are already developing plans to greet the invading chinese ships at the gateway of india and in cochin with garlands of marigold. this, i am glad to say, will be just moments before they are lined up and shot as undependable traitors by the respected visitors from their fatherland.

thanks to reader san for the pointer


somebody on my blog complained that my prediction in 2000CE about a chinese invasion of taiwan by 2002CE had not come to pass. all good things come to those who wait, i say in response.


Anonymous said...

part of the story from Janes Defence Weekly

Looks like Taiwan is bracing for a worst case scenario.

Anonymous said...

Look Srinivasan, do you really think shouting "Nazi" whenever some superficial similarities come up will get you taken seriously? In debating circles there's a term "reductio ad Hilterum", usually attributed to the style of argument typical of adolescents who have little knowledge of history and who have just begun to try to make sense of the world. But that's apparently where your level of knowledge seems to be so I shoulnd't be surprised by this at all.

Also, regarding the complaint about your "prediction" of an invasion of Taiwan by 2002 (not to mention Siberia and Japan), the problem is not your "prediction" itself, ridiculous as it is. The problem is your idiiotic armchair way of making these predictions with no consideration for objective evidence or basic logic. You sat in front of your computer, started typing your nonsense, and before long, you've figured out the history of the world for the next 50 years, then you said "hmm. 2002 sounds nice for China's invasion of Taiwan, let's put it down." Go on engaging in your voyeuristic habit of waiting for China to screw itself, the fact is India is already way behind us and paradoxically attitudewise Indian is starting to act like the rabbit while China is the turtle who knows there's a long way to go.