Monday, June 27, 2005

new zealand herald: us plays dangerous with india

jun 27th
you are so wrong, gwynne dyer. china is india's enemy, par excellence. and it is the us' enemy, too.
i have been saying for years that it is the new nazi state (reader san please note): extreme jingoism, memories of imperial hauteur and then great humiliation. the big difference is that china is a continent-sized nation with 150 million peasants it is willing to sacrifice. germany was only a medium-sized nation surrounded by wary neighbors roughly equally capable. as far as china is concerned, the only equal nation is india, but it has so successfully infiltrated india with its missionary marxists and stalinists that india is a virtual colony already.
this beast needs to be disciplined. remember the ghostly butler in 'the shining'? china needs to be 'corrrrected'.


Kaunteya said...

If NDA was ruling today, it would have been so much easier for the Bush admin to get this message (of military alliance) through to the Indian policy makers.
Whether Vajpayee would have accepted that is a different issue.

But now with Left ruling the country by proxy & Gandhis ruling, well almost directly, US might be finding it difficult to even convey these "delicate" messages( if you will) to India.

The great Indian curse continues.

The Indian Left's Gospel : 'Whatever happens to India, nothing should harm Chinese interest'

acd said...

not related.. but an

interesting article on jihad & 'bleed india'...

straight from the horses mouth

san said...

Personally, I find Gwynne Dyer to be the premiere military affairs commentator in the world. He is unbeatable for sober, rational analysis. If you read his writings, you'll note some of the insightful informational tidbits he offers, to shape perspective.

Regarding US trying to lock India into an alliance against China, I would say that we certainly have to be wary of China. Not just because its teetering autocrats are beholden to the hawkish PLA generals for power, not just because of China's overwhelming help to Pakistan including its nuclearization and missile-ization.

The problem is that the US has a very deplorable record in also helping Pakistan: turning a blind eye to Pak nuclearization (Pressler Amendment), vital supplies of advanced military hardware (F16s past and present)
The United States should be the first to understand that India cannot face off against China if there is a Pakistani knife pointed at India's back.

If the US wants to woo India towards China-containment, and if China wants to woo India away from that containment, then let them both compete by delivering Pakistan's head on a platter.

If the US insists on continuing to give military assistance to Pakistan, whether for war on terror or whatever pretext, then let let Uncle Sam ENLIST PAKISTAN for support in containing China (fat chance of that working -- any such Pakistani "support" will be about as sincere and as productive as their "support" in capturing Osama)

If China wants India to keep the US containment agenda at arms-length, then China needs to stop their double-standard of smiling above the table while moving the knife towards us under the table (Nepal insurgency, Gwadar development, forays into Burma and Bangladesh). The Chinese need to respect the INDIAN SPHERE (turf), if they want to get along with us.

The USA's democracy is ultimately more reliable to engage than China's autocracy. But we need to realistically keep aware of the ethnic tribal blocs within the US lurking under the surface of their democracy, because these can produce very unreliable effects on Indo-US relations. For instance, there is a strong Atlanticist bloc in the US, which mainly sees Russia as a threat, and therefore masturbates over Pakistan being a dagger pointed at the Russian underbelly. These throwbacks are still cheering when Islamist Chechen guerrillas massacre schoolchildren in Russia, and they help to write "9/11 Commission Reports" that say the US must "engage" Pakistan rather than trying to "alienate" it. The US establishment must firmly EXPEL and EX-COMMUNICATE these throwbacks from their ranks if they want to generate enough credibility and confidence amongst Indians. Likewise, India needs to reciprocally generate confidence by shedding these pompous pontificating Nehruvianists (the same ones who needlessly lectured Americans with upturned noses only to come running to lick Kennedy's ass after China attacked in 1962)

Ultimately, I'm in favor of India's ship joining with the US-led armada, but our ship is pretty rickety, so the US is going to have to give us more support in refurbishing ourselves before we can join. They need to help us to de-fang Pakistan, rather than counseling us to placate Pak with peace treaty concessions (you can see how much Pak respects the Shimla treaty). If US conservatives can stop shunning Indian conservatives, then there's no reason for us to be estranged democracies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev

Was just wundering and waiting to hear your views on why china is so reluctant to revalue its currency ?

We are talking about China being a attractive IT/ITES destination and a competition when it comes to offshoring visa vis remains to be seen if that thought still lingers on when the chineese revalue the currency.

wundering what happens to a nation in general when it artifically manages to keep its currency lower.

wish i had taken economics ..aah but i would have struggled to find a good job then perhaphs..happy being a geek and without a project :-)

Chamed Ahlabi said...

Wonderful analysis(6/27/2005 9:09 PM) san !!

Whats happening Rajeev ? Keep up the good work man !!

Anonymous said...

Look Srinivasan, do you really think shouting "Nazi" whenever some superficial similarities come up will get you taken seriously? In debating circles there's a term "reductio ad Hilterum", usually attributed to the style of argument typical of adolescents who have little knowledge of history and who have just begun to try to make sense of the world. But that's apparently where your level of knowledge seems to be so I shoulnd't be surprised by this at all.

Also, regarding the complaint about your "prediction" of an invasion of Taiwan by 2002 (not to mention Siberia and Japan), the problem is not your "prediction" itself, ridiculous as it is. The problem is your idiiotic armchair way of making these predictions with no consideration for objective evidence or basic logic. You sat in front of your computer, started typing your nonsense, and before long, you've figured out the history of the world for the next 50 years, then you said "hmm. 2002 sounds nice for China's invasion of Taiwan, let's put it down." Go on engaging in your voyeuristic habit of waiting for China to screw itself, the fact is India is already way behind us and paradoxically attitudewise Indian is starting to act like the rabbit while China is the turtle who knows there's a long way to go.