Sunday, June 26, 2005

bbc: huge gas find off andhra coast

june 26th

this is good news! this means india has a fair amount of offshore gas. this reduces the need to ask the bangladeshis to export gas to india. also, this increases the rationale for LNG terminals rather than the idiotic iran-pakistan-india pipeline.

or will mani shankar aiyar refuse to accept this find because narendra modi's govt owns the exploration firm?


Anonymous said...

Hi all,
The AID info site has been updated.

san said...

Don't worry Rajeev, I'm sure Naxalites, Maoputris, and other Leftists will find a way to call it bad news. After all, just as forum participants have told us Coke & Pepsi are responsible for lack of bore-wells prior to their arrival, we'll also be told that Modi is responsible for lack of previous energy development in Andhra Pradesh. Damn that guy -- he's just so diabolical!

san said...

Hey, I thought I'd post a link to a clever new technology called Hypersonic Sound which has a lot of potential applications.

Basically, the way it works is that it involves emitting an ultrasonic/hypersonic sound beam which is beyond the range of ordinary hearing. When that ultrasonic beam collides with something, it produces local secondary effects which themselves become ordinary audible sound.

So you can have somebody standing 50 feet away from you, and you can beam him a soft whisper that only his ears will hear. You can have a nightclub where one type of music is being played on one half of the dance floor, and a different type of music is being played on the other half. You can have inflight movies where each passenger can listen to dialogue in their own language, without anyone having to use headphones.

Hypersonic beams could also be used as a non-lethal anti-personnel weapon, to disable someone with a focused beam of sound, including by producing shockwaves locally around/inside the guy which resonate with his flesh and vital organs.

san said...

Google has announced Google Video which is their free video content distribution service. It allows users to upload their own videos onto Google, so that others can see them. Uploaders can even generate revenue for themselves, using Google's payment option to charge for viewing

So Rajeev, you don't even have to go to Podcasting Radio if you don't want -- you can directly move up to direct videocasting. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just gas?

What happens when local politicians try hard to be national figures? Anything can be a tool, even national pride or gas!

san said...

Speaking of Hot Air, dear Anonymouth do you not realize that the threshold for a major find is 2 trillion cu-ft? So even if Modi's announcement of 20 trillion is wildly off the mark, they've still got a major find. But please do keep praying for India's failure and misfortune Anonymouth, we know you Lefties get off on that -- Opiates of the Masses and all that. God-willing, another Tsunami may hit Gujarat or Andhra, so that you can be grinning from ear to ear.

Anonymous said...

Rajeev, do you expect Mani Shankar Aiyer to do what is good for India? How naive! Here is a man who collected money for China in 1962 during the war.