Wednesday, June 15, 2005


jun 15th

i have been impressed by the whole concept of podcasts: personal freedom to listen to stuff when one feels like it.

some of the stuff from the bbc and some from public radio is good. but the fiction i have found is a little um... crummy. any recommendations by readers for great podcasts?

one of these days, i may start podcasting instead of writing text, or in addition to. consider this fair warning :-)


kp said...

I thought we always had the personal freedom to listen to stuff when you felt like, right from the days of a good ol Two-in-ones. The technology might have changed, but the concept remains the same.I download a lot music from the net (kazaa, imesh etc) burn it on a disc and listen when i drive. Not sure if podcasting would be any better for me?? Different yes, but better? Im more into DAB, thats definitely better, qualitywise and quantitywise. I use a Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB54 where you could even record live radio (from 10 secs before you actually press the button.)

nizhal yoddha said...

not really, i dont remember any programmable two in ones that would record stuff when you were not there. as for music on the net, of course that's been around for a while, since the napster days. and itunes and the new microsoft clone of it and yahoo! music and others are just making money off internet music.

podcasting is good principally for the talk content that is available. for instance i can sit anywhere in the world and pick up WGBH boston's short stories; KQED san francisco's forum; NPR's car talk or all things considered; BBC's from our own correspondent, all for illustrative purposes. and i can listen to these when i am on a long trip by train or air, thus catching up on stuff i like. i am not quite sure *any* broadcast mechanism comes close (haven't tried SIRIUS or other satellite radio) because the problem is always the same: i want to sample a little from here and a little from there. which is why itunes and suchlike are great. i never like an entire album, only a few songs from here and there. similarly, with podcasts i choose only that which i want to hear. this is why i think podcasts are superior to digital audio broadcasts. part of it must be that i am more interested in talk radio than in music, too.

besides, what the heck, i can be a podcaster myself quite easily. i imagine it's pretty hard to be a dab radio station.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in talkradio too and less music. But you are right, the variety would definitely be much more with podcasting. The reception of dab is variable, u cant get a u.s channel in u.k, unless its broadcast here. (not that the u.k choices are bad)

san said...

I would agree with you Rajeev that this might be a good foray. It might be a way to create a modern version of 'Pirate Radio' for Indians, to avoid the draconian broadcasting restraints imposed by Indian govt. Goodness knows that the leftist-dominated Indian media aggressively and jealously guard their own turf against new entrants, even to the extent of disingenuously arguing that their protectionism is actually to safeguard 'national interests'. Just as talk-radio is a forum where conservatives in the US can freely express themselves without left-wing censorship, Indian conservatives should cultivate such niches for themselves too.

Anonymous said...

The Iranians have set up radio and TV stations in the US broadcasting to Iran. We need to start doing stuff like that. Imagine a Rajeev Srinivasan talk show !!- man that would be so cool - I would listen to it all the time - the commie bashing itself would be worth it. I hope he does it one of these days.