Tuesday, June 28, 2005

podcasts and google video

jun 28th

thanks to san for the pointer to google video, this sounds like a great idea. yes, we can all become little subversive broadcasters, with our little camera phones. the marxist stranglehold on the indian media cannot survive when there are battalions of ordinary people out there on the streets who can contradict in real time the manufactured stories they indulge in. the time for guerilla journalism may have arrived. if this experiment takes off, it can be the equivalent of what happened with flickr and suchlike in digital still photos.

apple has done its bit for podcasts, by incorporating the functionality into the latest version of itunes, 4.9, available for free download from the apple site. no need for ipodder any more: you can search for and include podcasts in your playlist via itunes 4.9. you too can be a podcaster and you can advertise your podcast on itunes. i am very tempted :-)


san said...

Hi Rajeev, this can then lead to more of that disintermediation that you were talking about. I notice that the whole blogger phenomenon has spawned a rebellion against traditional media outlets, just like a modern day Gutenberg. Now organizations like the New York Times find themselves on the defensive, and are looking like old dinosaurs surrounded by small furry mammals. If you've been reading the NYT lately, they are constantly publishing articles that take swipes at the blogging phenomenon. If NYT feels that it is truly in sync with the masses, then why are they so afraid of the masses? Blogging is a neutral tool, and can be used by anyone to express any viewpoint, whether right-wing, left-wing or whatever. So why is the NYT so upset? Could it be that the masses are not all falling in line with NYT's views quite as much as it would have us believe? Time for a little democracy in action, to set the record straight. I must admit, Google's been pretty clever in keeping their cards close to their chest. All this time they've been buying up 'dark fibre'(unlit fibre optic networks) on the rumor that they were looking to set up call centre VOIP links to commercial hit results from their search engine. But you can see that their more immediate goal was to broadside Microsoft and its Windows Media Player with Google's own video-on-demand service, which features a pay-per-view option. I'm no Pandit, but I'll speculate that video editing and content packaging skills will now come increasingly to the fore, as content providers try to differentiate themselves with slick finishing and polished look.

Sameer said...

You are right!
With the coming of internet and alternate (Other than the marxist infected media) media, we have come to know more of the realities of India and the sinister designs of the Anti-Indians posing as sheep in wolves clothing.
Infact reading these news media opened my eyes (I till recently held firm belief in the idiotic 'Aryan invaision' theory.
But hey! Recently, I read in Times of India (A real third class leftist paper) that somebody (Obviously a leftist whose ass must have really burnt by a true Indian website) was talking about filtering or shielding content on the intrnet which were too 'communal'. Obviously he/she must have felt threatened by their faces being unmasked.
Long live Internet and let more Indians discover true India.....