Thursday, June 23, 2005

economist: who loves uncle sam (and who loves uncle mao)?

jun 23

thanks to san for this link

i was initially very entertained to see the data. uncle sam is basically friendless, except for indians! what a pass the world and the sole superpower have come to!

and, in passing, the pakistani's dream home is, drum roll.... china! they clearly haven't heard that the maoists line up and shoot terrorists. they have been doing that systematically to uighurs. for the last few years, china has been executing, get this, more people than the rest of the world put together! and a large number of these have been 'splittists' like uighurs and tibetans. i can't wait for all these pakistanis to go to their promised land. and why don't they want to go to saudi arabia? answer: they are treated like dirt there even though it is the islamic heaven.

the pew guys must also not have asked the many maoputras in bengal, kerala and the english language media. because they would have certainly opted for china as their promised land. (of course a short vacation in one of the chinese gulags would cure them for good.)

but on second thought, the indian obsession with america is disturbing for two reasons.

one, that  although i love it dearly, america, all things considered, is becoming a spent force, and it is waning. the american century is over. the diamonds are in our own backyard and the asian century is upon us. wisely, nobody else wants to depend on america for their future.

two, that it once again shows, as i have long suspected, the 'messiah syndrome': indians are waiting for someone, something, to come and save us. it's high time we learned there are no more messiahs. this syndrome is the reason we have elevated various and sundry mediocrities -- we shall name no names, as we have lately become the soul of discretion; but you know who they are -- to demi-god-hood.

how do we inform the indian public that there are no saviors? you have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, not wait for that manna or that messiah to drop from heaven.


san said...

Bingo! That savior syndrome is just a mask for apathy and complacency. As some religious people say, The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves. There are some Indians who are waiting for the state to come and brush their teeth for them. I think Indians certainly have the IQ, but do we have the EQ?

Anyway, I wanted to post on the mushrooming
Indian Animation Industry. Now India will be able to make its own home-flavored animated versions of colourful mythological tales, which have been produced by others. This will be a good way for India to borrow a page from the Japanese in having a greater impact on pop-culture, through animation and videogames.

I really enjoyed that Lord of the Rings videogame when it was released by Electronic Arts, because of its cinematic stylizations. If something like that could be made for Ramayana or Mahabharata, I'm sure it would be a big hit in India.

Meanwhile, writer Ashok Banker has released his latest volume, Armies of Hanuman, the 4th book in his Tolkein-style re-telling of the Ramayana epic.

san said...

Hey Maoputra,

Can you confirm to me if your masters in Beijing have asked you to oppose India getting a UN Security Council Seat?

You know everytime Maoputra sneers at Indians for being desh bhakt, he's trying to show off how Beijing bhakt he is. Can you give us some feedback, Maoputra?

Anonymous said...

If the reason for Indians to stop loving the US is because it is a spent force, then by your arguments, we should start loving China and Australia and Indonesia and the likes, because those are the new centers of power.
But that argument is by itself contradictory to the second one: why would we want to love someone else's power, if our intention is to become powerful ourselves?
No amount of external influence can increase a nation's power, be it in terms of money, armies or even nationalistic extortions like what you write. These have to be internal.
And to your last question on how do we inform the Indian public: why makes you think that you have something to inform the Indian public that they don't know about? Do you want to be "The Saviour" on hand, while at the same, decry the "Indian attitude to look for messiahs" on the other?
I think some introspection is in order here. and the only lasting way to enhance "India's standing", is to do it from Inside, not outside.
My Rupee's worth

Kaunteya said...

If a survey of China hating/loving nations would be conducted I am sure India will replace Pakistan as the most Chinese loving nation..(thanks partly to leftist Indian media who has brainwashed us into believing that China is all 'glowing' & also because Indians love everyone but themselves)

On the other hand China will itself be the most Chinese hating nation followed by USA.

So roughly..
China lovers...

China haters..

There's nothing more suffocating that being a part of a communist nation.
Ask a bengali or a kerelite.

san said...

Anonymouse, the idea is not to merely enamour oneself with someone else's power, but to appreciate its ideals and its lifestyle model as an example of how to succeed. What you decry as "national extortions(sic)" (I won't fault you for not knowing the word "exhortations" since you're a Maoist and your native language is Chinese and not English) are simply rational arguments for us to do better, rather than allowing ourselves to be trod upon. I don't feel American power is truly on the wane, simply because American power is derived from their superior ideals, although the country has been somewhat corrupted/contaminated by extra-territorialist lobbies (Euro-centric Atlanticists and zionists are currently duking it out with each other). But problems like this are inevitable for any successful power, since wherever power and success accumulates, the power-mongers and arbiters soon follow. And in India's case, we've accumulated extra-territorialist fifth-columnists before even becoming successful as a power, because we're a democratic and pluralistic nation, open to any organized predators who want to manipulate the system. I'd also call it a vulnerability of the Low Indian EQ, which makes us more gullible and manipulable.

san said...

Well, well, we certainly know who doesn't like Uncle Sam:

Our beloved
Arundhati Roy applauds the Iraqi "resistance" against the Americans.

Well, I'm certainly no fan of USA's trumped up invasion of Iraq, but when the Iraqi "resistance" goes into a crowded market and detonates a bomb which kills innocent bystanders including women and children, then I don't see the noble character of this so-called "resistance".

Let's hear a quote from her writings:

"Clearly for the 'Allies ', the only morally acceptable strategy the Iraqi army can pursue is to march out into the desert and be bombed by B-52s or be mowed down by machine-gun fire.

"Anything short of that is cheating."

Comrade Arundhati's bitter sarcasm argues that the types of militant tactics going on inside Iraq are legitimate in her opinion. Well I dunno how Uncle Sam feels about that, but Uncle Mao would certainly be proud, since those types of tactics are what Uncle Mao excelled at (never mind the mass misery, starvation and killing that occurred under his rule).

Isn't it ironic that Uncle Sam cultivated our budding would-be Red Guard Arundhati Roy, lavishing attentive praise on her and stoking her ego for berating India's nuclear tests. She and Praful Bidwai were touted as virtual nuclear experts by the US establishment, for their pious condemnations of India. The rest of us Indians were all 'fascists' by corollary.

Well, looks like the pets have turned on their former benefactors, because now all Roy and Bidwai do is spend their time praising and cheering anti-American suicide bombings like they're watching a World Soccer Cup match.

But again the Americans are no strangers to blowback, due to their pentient to opportunistically support any idiot for short term gain, no matter how morally bankrupt they are.

Perhaps the people who run the Booker Prize might consider recalling their award from Ms Roy?

Any Gandhism in her seems to only go skin deep, since she'll shuck it for a Kalashnikov at a moment's notice. Yep, Uncle Mao would be proud.

san said...

And further anlysis of the sudden">bizarre outburst in China against Japan.

WW2 happened over 60 years ago, so why are the Chinese suddenly reviving the war now? Are they channelling General Zia's ghost or something? China's been taking massive foreign assistance loans from Japan all these years, so why are they suddenly up in arms?

Isn't it that they're upset about any attempt to give Japan representation on the UN Security Council? Add to that the need for Chinese autocrats to whip up an external enemy to focus their people on, as a distraction to one-party rule at home.

Maoputra? Any explanations?

Swordfish78 said...

true raison,

there is nothing more suffocating than living in a commie state.They are so stupid..i live in one.

Why do you like US so much?To tell the truth I don't like them.It may be partly due to facts or due my circumstances or may b I don't like their global policing.
may be you could write an article on why they like them or do you have one in your archives?