Monday, June 20, 2005

jk's rebuttal to ayaz amir: india did have a history

jun 19th

reader jk sent me a link to his blog responding to ayaz amir (dawn) and his rather disingenous notion that india was sans history before the muslims invaded.

jk shows that there was historical writing especially from foreigners before the muslim era, thus puncturing amir's assertion.

i would go one step further and suggest that a tremendous amount of puranic writing is actually history, thinly overlain with myth. indian history (itihasam) has however been reduced to the status of myth by the marxists and colonialists in yet another triumph of 'truth by repeated assertion'.

in a telling event, they celebrated their collaboration a few years ago: oxford university gave romila thapar an honorary doctorate. if you read the citation carefully, it says in more or less says that the award is for turning indian history into myth!

let me cite a few instances off the top of my head to support my contention that actual events were retold with a patina of myth in the puranas

1. the slaying of the water demon vrtra who stole the waters, by indra: this was the damming of a himalayan river in kashmir by a landslide and the subsequent release of the waters

2. the raising of the land of kerala from the sea by parasurama who threw an axe out into the ocean: through a tectonic movement, the western ghats and the land came up from the sea. evidence: on the peaks of the western ghats, you can find the fossilized remains of sea-bottom-dwelling creatures

3. the flooding of dwaraka after the mahabharata war, and of mahabalipuram by jealous demi-gods: tsunamis and/or tectonic movements flooded these areas and the manmade structures on the ocean floor are evidence

all this is no different from homer's illiad being treated as a pure myth until schliemann's discovery of troy which showed that the ballad had a historical basis. when the indian equivalents of troy are discovered, the jnu cabal comes up with totally illogical objections to prevent their acceptance. just about the only evidence they will accept is actual videotapes of ancient events. then they will complain that the video tapes have been doctored! of course, no evidence is required for the jnu versions of history. their assertions are sufficient proof. after all, they are 'eminent' historians and how dare you ask them for evidence?

what is also ironic is that on the other hand, christian/western historians tend to treat as 'history' the mythology of christianity. the events attributed to jesus christ, including his very existence, for instance, have no independent historical corroboration (joseph flavius is an enigmatic aberration), and should objectively be treated as pure mythology (which can be accepted as useful allegories, of course). but they are treated, unambiguously, as 'scripture' and as truthful records of actual events.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I have experienced the same thing..One of my good friends is a Catholic from philippines..He knows a lot about Hindu practises and food because he is sorrounded by Hindus..Once while we were talking about Ramayana and pushpaka Vimana..He said" mm do you have any historic recording of all of these?"
The problem is ,the west believes that Indian puranas qualify only for Myths when compared against "well documented" history of the Christ..But the puranas also do not qualify for the praise that is heaped upon Jules verne.
Basically, the Hindu writings cannot get any kind of recognition...

prasank said...

This recognition problem is the one JK addresses. As he says, each country works in its own way. It shouldnt matter if the west is recognizing or not. As for "well documented" history of christ, I will go with Rajeev's now famous "truth by repeated assersion" theory.

san said...
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san said...

Pakistanis are the Colonials of SouthAsia, because they came to colonize us inferiors and attempt their own little sectarian colonial rule. They can't criticize Israel when their own invasion of SouthAsia has been historically far more disruptive.
When one talks about Aryan Invasion -- they are it. They are the inheritors of that legacy.

Meanwhile once again Pakistanis Arrested for Assassination Plot -- this time against US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad.

I'll admit that when it comes to terrorism and ethnic strife, there was no history of this kind before Pakistan came along. So he's partially right. :(

The Conquistadors write the history books, and the Pakistanis are unapologetic and unrepentant Conquistadors.

san said...

And now we have further developments on

what a good ally Pakistan is in the war on terror.

We can certainly see the
great zeal Pakistan is showing in the hunt for Bin Laden.

With 'friends' like this, who needs enemies??

san said...

Even if India somehow never had a past, it certainly
has a future

Just check out those photographs... seeing is believing!

prasank said...

Thanks San for posting the link to the photography forum. Just amazing!!!

san said...

Heh, thought you'd like that one. Now when you see stuff like that, isn't that worth feeling a little pride in? Isn't that worth feeling 'desh bhakt' about? Isn't it worth sticking up for?

Sameer said...

I always mentioned that the leftists-marxists are no less of a danger to India than Pakistani terrorists.
while terrorists attack physically and damage, these agents of China-Jehadis-pope try to damage indegenous cultures and try to do mental damage.
Look at the way they are indulging in witch hunting like how jehadis destroyed every Hindu insignia of Pakistan and how Portuguese did not hand over Goa to 'Hindu' India fearing Christians would be harmed!