Saturday, June 11, 2005

in memoriam: anne bancroft

jun 11th

i remember seeing 'the graduate' many years ago, when i was an undergraduate. later, when i saw it again the locales made sense to me, including berkeley, which i had no idea about when i first saw the film.

anne bancroft was awesome; so was dustin hoffman. hard to believe, but dustin was only about five years younger than anne when they did the film. and those hilarious scenes: dustin's eyes traveling down anne's body to her crotch when she appears naked before him and says, 'i am available to you'. sort of a teenager's fantasy, isn't it, the older woman making herself available?

the scene where dustin stands at the bottom of the pool in all his scuba gear, refusing to come out.

and the immortal line: "remember son, i have just one word for you. plastics!" (or something along those lines).

and the best of the lot: dustin and mrs. robinson at the hotel for their first rendezvous, and she asks him: "aren't you forgetting something?". and he: "oh... i love you.", and she: "the room number, please". also him checking in with his toothbrush :-)

not to mention the absolutely fabulous sound track: simon and garfunkel at their best. those songs are a staple on my ipod, which has become my favorite toy, after resisting it for some years.


san said...

Bleh, you know a movie is dated when it has the protagonist being advised "Plastics, m'boy, the future's in plastics!" (I'm paraphrasing, not quoting verbatim)

Meanwhile, here's an article on what's becoming a staple amongst Indians on the go:
Spiritual Marketing

chatura said...

immortal lines but can't quite remember it, eh? ;-)

i listened to simon&garf before i watched the movie and had quite a different imagery for the songs. now i can't listen to Sound of Silence without Mrs.Robinson's face looming large - aargh.

san said...

Meanwhile, I'm still annoyed at the developing issue over Advani's attempted leap into 'moderation' without consulting his political colleagues. I'm concerned that he's been overly influenced by the cricket match lovefest that's been going on over the past few months. Now all of a sudden he's proclaiming the Bharatiya Jinnah Party, in order to get a ticket to the match. And this is partly because our easily-rented media have done their best to promote Musharraf's image and make him more popular in India than Advani. When I say easily-rented, I mean easily-rented by the United States, which mainly seems to want an Indo-Pakistani peace agreement solely to loosen the US straitjacket in Afghanistan. Mind you, as soon as a crisis emerges between China and Taiwan, or China and Japan, then the US will be horrified to find that the Indian doves it assiduously cultivated aren't willing to go to war with them. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Missionary militancy @ IIT Chennai

Randhir Saxena said...


Ann Bancroft acted in "Miracle Worker" too. Amitabh/Rani latest "Black" was copy of "Miracle Worker".

Please publish your iPod Playlists too.