Saturday, June 18, 2005 japan and india can gain from stronger ties

jun 18th

it looks like some japanese at least are beginning to see the value of indo-japanese cooperation.

may their tribe increase!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Rajeev for posting an article related to Indo-Japan relations. My suggestion (though unsolicited) would be to use this blog as a forum for championing the case for better Indo-Japan ties. Though there is a general feeling that Japanese companies would find a better ROI in India, Though I am not sure how much the Maruti-Suzuki affair has dented the confidence of the Japanese investors. While Japanese auto companies have since long had a presence in India and would eventually grow, it would be worthwhile to woo Japanese semiconductor companies to set up fabs in India with the same zeal our IT minister displayed with Intel.

san said...

Apparently, India has announced that it will accredit bloggers as journalists

This is an excellent way for the masses to get out from under the haunches of the liberal-dominated media. Blogs can have the same impact in India on media complacency as they have had in the US.

guest said...

I was in Tokyo in the mid 1980s and both the Pal judgement and Nehru's treaty decision were mentioned by my Japanese colleagues -- and I had no idea what they were talking about.

One of them gave a book published by a right wing Japanese politician that had a chapter on Judge Pal's verdict.

Indians should try to monetize this goodwill from that era.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Japan and India are rising power centres of Asia, democratic countries with free societies and many shared values. With no competing conflictual interests, it is desirable that both nations strategically cooperate for stability and peace both in the regional and global context."

Here is another good article: