Monday, June 13, 2005

uk telegraph: mark steyn bashes china

jun 13th

strong words. link courtesy sulekha:

who can stop the rise and rise of china? the communists, of course

the emperor's new clothes are beginning to excite some rude commentary. there has been a veritable lemming-rush lately by american commentators to downplay china, and that makes yours truly quite happy to have been in the vanguard of those shouting from the rooftops that the chinese miracle is really smoke and mirrors.

on the other hand, this could mean the americans are beginning to get scared of china.


san said...

Nice comments by Steyn on China. Anyway, I wanted to post something off-topic about the use of fMRI technology by US security agencies as a hyper-accurate lie detector ("thought detector"?).

This is something India should also look into, for more effective and informative probing of terrorist suspects.

Anonymous said...

Here's a dose of reality Srinivasan, sitting around and googling articles with keyword combinations like "China" "economy" "collapse" "overrated" and finding one or two matches doesn't disprove the positive opinions of the overwhelming majority of economists and isn't evidence that the Chinese economic miracle is all "smoke and mirrors". Your have a vicious fixation with China and a severe inferiority complex toward it that is looking more pathetic by the day.


Anonymous said...

MaoPootia - It is the China worshippers who have large inferiority complexes - any way can you explain what makes commies tick - if not for their inferiority complexes?