Sunday, March 13, 2005

worldnet daily: Benny Hinn: Huckster Heretic

March 13th

thanks to sulekha

from the mouths of babes... this 15 year old seems to have a lot more sense than all of those 'secular progressive' (translation: regressive fundamentalist) people who flocked to the benny hinn extravaganza in bangalore.

interestingly, it appears that kerala's christians have figured out that one of the most lucrative businesses to create these days is to form a new church (following in the footsteps of the bakkers, jimmy swaggart, oral roberts, pat robertson and other mega-millionaire religious entrepreneurs). so there is a plethora of bizarre churches coming up in kerala, according to this rediff report, 'all in god's name'

so it's official: we're following in the footsteps of america's sheep-like masses who will do anything their cult leaders tell them to do, which is most often to give them all their money. but there are more sinister things too. let's look out a few years: can a jonestown type tragedy: mass suicide, be far behind? or the branch davidian type madness that resulted in so many deaths and a tense standoff in 1993? this sort of thing happens when charismatic priests hypnotize pathetically naive individuals into following them unquestioningly.

blind faith has its consequences.

much better to question everything. especially that which is printed in books and presented as, 'the one and only truth'.

for more information on a very successful religious entrepreneur in america, read this economist story. clearly, this is a high-yield business indeed.

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