Sunday, March 13, 2005

Photos of incinerated Godhra victims: WARNING -- DISTURBING

March 13th

february 27th came and went. the anniversary of the godhra massacre went unnoticed. one reason would be apathy, endemic and despicable. a second reason would be electoral fun and games that occupied mindshare.

nobody weeps for hindus, even for a hindu child of about 3 who was incinerated.

none of these photos got any publicity.

it is as though we are all embarrassed to talk about these massacred people. or is it that they simply deserved it, being hindus who had gone to ayodhya? here's what teesta setalvad said at the time:

while i condemn today's gruesome attack, you cannot pick up an incident in isolation. let us not forget the provocation. these people were not going for a benign assembly. they were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilization to build a temple and deliberately provoke the muslims in india.

clear implication: they deserved what they got. it's understandable coming from teesta setalvad who has made a career out of this sort of thing, but why does the mass of hindus accept this argument?

if this isn't negationism and a collective stockholm syndrome, what is?

do hindu lives have no value whatsoever?

pointer from sulekha.


Vedapriyan said...


Just wanted to bring a good example of inculturation by fundamentalist Christians and anti-Hindu 'The Hindu' newspaper to ur attention.

Take a look at this interview by one Christian Father regarding Thirivachagam - the ancient Tamil scripture on Shiva by Manikavachagar.

He says: "I don't understand why it should be deemed Saivaite or Vaishnavaite literature... I can see my Jesus there."

Very nice isnt it? The next thing he will say will be: "I dont understand why Vedas should be deemed Saivite or Vaishnavite. I see Jesus in Vedas" and lo! Vedas will be grabbed out of Hindu fold and will be a common scripture!

There are also ridiculous "hijacking of Hinduism" claims by these fundamentalists clearly documented at:

A few examples from the above:

some of the mis-intepretation of Vedas by some Christian
fundamentalists, who claim, in the exact same way like ur revered
Father, that Vedas is not a Hindu scripture:

Original: Om Sri Brahma Puthraya Nama
Fundamentalist Christian Interpretation: I worship Jesus, who came
to the world as God's son

Original: Om Shri Dakshina Murthaya Nama
Fundamentalist Christian Interpretation: I worship Jesus who is
sitting on the thigh of his father

Original: Om Sri Panchakaya Nama
Fundamentalist Christian Interpretation: Jesus, the one with five
wounds (panchakaya)

Original: Om Sri Ummathiya Nama
Fundamentalist Christian Interpretation: I hail one born to the holy

Going at this rate, I am sure Vedas will next be called a non-Hindu

There is also a claim that Swamy Vivekanandha asked people to
worship Jesus that was given in the same phamplet in which the above mis-intepretations are made.

At this rate, Yoga, Vedas, Vivekanandha and now Thirivachagam are being Hijacked. Is there no limit? Is there no Vimoksha Kala for Hindus?

Cry my beloved Sanathana Dharma!


Anonymous said...

Cheap evangelist tricks, those lousy translations.

Father Raj, on the other hand sounds quite genuine! Thanks for the link.

btw, some people claim that Jesus survived Crucifixion, ran away to Kashmir, and became the disciple of some revered Hindu master. That kind of settles the score :-)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: You forgot "married a Kashmiri princess" :)

Anonymous said...

For a fellow who didn't exist, this Jesus sure got around a lot!

The Jesus story is the biggest hoax ever created.

Anonymous said...

Hindus should return the favor and take over Christism. For instance, they say, "Our father that art in Heaven, etc.". Obviously they are referring to Siva.

Almost all the good stuff in Christism is swiped from Hinduism and Buddhism without quite understanding it. For instance, the sensible Trinity in Hinduism became the 'Father, Son and Holy Ghost' in Christism. They just heard 'trinity' and tried to make up their own trio, the ridiculous father, son and holy ghost.

Anonymous said...

February last week: Kerala Catholic militants burn 100 hut of muslim fishermen. Manorama-deepika missionaries run media silent. Govt. & Opposition CPM enthusiastic to build new houses for victims. Govt. protects the 'minority' terrorists since they have 'rights'. Manorama-deepika mafia happy.


March first week A Islamic terrorist Ashraff killed in central travancore. Manorama-deepika mafia cries foul and immediately accuses hindus. Govt provides bounties -10 lakhs and a job to the family of this Islamic militant. CPM secretary with his mafia visits the house and accuses majority communalism!

March second weekA hindu nationalist Aswin Kumar murdered in Kannur by Communist & Islamic jehadis, while travelling in a bus. Manorama-deepika mafia again accuses Hindus!!. CPM visits the houses of militants and gives all support and asks govt to provide moeny to terrorists! Manorama-deepika mafia upset, since evil missionaries are not involved or else they could loot 10 lakhs. Till now, no compensation to the family of Aswin Kumar, since he is born as a Hindu. But it's clear, Govt(run by a eunuch x-ian) & minority media will reward you , if the victim is a hindu.

March third week Kaumudi reports Tsunami victims in ERKM, did not get any help till now. Remember that ERKM has been given to X-ian charities, humiliating Mata Amrithananthamayi. X-ian fundementalists would be looting the charity money and proselytizing too in the name of 'jeeva-kaarunyam'!! Manorama-deepika mafia very silent.


Anonymous said...