Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Subhash Kak: the cradle that is India

March 8th

yet another nail in the coffin of the 'aryan invasion mythology'.

why do i keep thinking 'piltdown man' whenever i hear of 'aryan invasion'?

it's amazing how gullible we humans are when it comes to large-scale
hoaxes. the benny hinn types are past masters at it. the so-called
protocols of the elders of zion is another elaborate hoax that refuses
to die. there are several others, mostly in religion, that i won't go
into here.



Now, in an important book titled The Real Eve: Modern Man's Journey
out of Africa (New York: Carroll and Graf Publishers, 2003), the
prominent Oxford University scholar Stephen Oppenheimer has
synthesised the available genetic evidence together with climatology
and archaeology with conclusions which have bearing on the debate
about the early population of India. This work has received great
attention in the West, and it will also interest Indians tremendously.


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