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South Asian Bleeding Hearts Association Report

March 27th

SABHA strikes again :-)

SABHA - 4M Report Arvind Kumar, 18 Mar, 2005

Your regular dose of pseudosecularism

  1. Amartya Sen: Mao would have made Chinese live for 140 years!

    According to former Communist student leader and "economist" Amartya Sen, the life-expectancy of Chinese would have been 140 years if China had pursued Maoist policies. Wall Street Journal reported that Sen made the claim about the end of "Cultural Revolution" in China bringing down the growth rate of life-expectancy.

    To back up his remarkable claim, Mr. Sen said that the rate of growth in life expectancy in China was slowing down.
    We checked up the statistics. Reports vary, but here is one source that mentions figures quoted by supporters of Mao. Apparently, the average life span in China in 1949 was 35 years and it was at least 70 years in 1976 when Mao died (curiously, he did not increase his own life span to 140 years!) making it grow by 100% in 27 years. Had it doubled again in 27 years, the average longevity of the Chinese would have been 140 years by 2003!

    Amartya Sen who is married to Emma Rothschild of the powerful Rothschild family received the Nobel Prize for Economics. Yasser Arafat, who achieved fame using terrorism, received the Nobel Prize for peace.

  2. Another "South Asia expert" in the making

    "South Asia experts" in North America beware! You now face competition!

    Elizabeth Hurley is taking Hindi lessons to impress her Indian boyfriend's family, sparking speculation the pair will marry.
    Even her reason for learning Hindi is the same as that of "South Asia experts" in leading Western universities.

  3. No takers for JNU even in Bangladesh

    According to the Feb 7 issue of the Hindustan Times, there are no takers for the seats offered by the Marxist bastion, Jawaharlal Nehru University, even in backward countries like Bangladesh.
    The university scrapped the Dhaka exam centre last year because there weren't many candidates.
    This is not surprising, as JNU has never been known for academic excellence. Recently, JNU Teachers' Association opposed the Indian tradition of respecting education. In 1989-90, JNU Students Union demanded that the minimum eligibility criteria for the junior research fellowship/lectureship examinations should be lowered from 55 percent to a level that would accommodate their intelligence.

  4. Help! Bourgeoisie conspiracy to help India advance!

    Communist leader A.B. Bardhan exposed a conspiracy by the bourgeoisie to help India actually develop into a superpower instead of making it a socialist paradise by building labor camps where Indians can be sent to toil for the state.
    A.B. Bardhan of Communist Party of India said during a visit to Pakistan that Washington was pretending to be serious in helping India and Pakistan resolve their differences, but it was encouraging New Delhi on the side to become the next superpower.

  5. Outlook explains a compelling conspiracy theory

    According to Outlook, when the disused mosque at Ayodhya that was built after demolishing a temple in order to insult Hindus was pulled down, the sequence of events was as follows:

    The BJP leaders knew that they would end up in legal trouble after the disused mosque that was built after demolishing a temple in order to insult Hindus was pulled down. They also knew that they would win the elections in 1998 and they would not be able to get someone who was embroiled in a legal battle to become the Prime Minister. So they sent one of their leaders to New Delhi on the day that the disused mosque that was built after demolishing a temple in order to insult Hindus was pulled down. That leader happened to be AB Vajpayee. A few years later, when BJP formed the government, they "chose" Vajpayee as the Prime Minister!

    According to the authors, one of whom is a Muslim and the other a possible Communist (last name Mukerjee),

    It is a compulsive conspiracy theory.

  6. Economics 101 by Chidambaram

    Finance Minister Chidambaram claimed in his budget speech that he was unlucky man when he was the Finance Minister in the 1990s and then his successor just got lucky! Wait, that is not all. Just when he takes charge again, some disturbing trends come to light! Aw, shucks.
    I had then commented that my immediate predecessor was a very lucky man, even while his predecessor was not! Notwithstanding the high growth rate, there were several disturbing trends which came to notice in May 2004.
    Bad luck never prevented him from increasing the Jizya. From his speech in July 2004 -
    Particular attention will be paid to the welfare, especially education, of the minorities. Hence, an additional allocation of Rs.50 crore has been made for the National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation.
    Meanwhile, the policy of reinvention of the wheel continued in Sonia Gandhi's Manmohan Singh government.

  7. Congress wants democracy in Nepal

    Congress Party, which is led by the self-proclaimed Cambridge scholar Sonia Gandhi, wants Nepal to restore democracy. But Nepal does have a democracy like Goa and Jharkhand did for a brief period when Congress recently installed its governments in these states. Why the confusing message?

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Rara Avis said...

The internet & blog has opened up new & faster avenues to channelise information & discussion.
It's heartening to see many Hindu nationalists take up the cudgel on behalf of India & Hindus
to fight a monster called "Secularism". I feel like saluting you all.

Everyone of these in their own small but effective manner is causing an awakening in the dormant Hindu soul.
Hopefully Hindus will rise.
The challenges are many.But what the heck.
It's still worth an effort.

A royal salute to every jawan fighting the Islamic jehadi on the border. And a royal salute to the cyber-jawan
fighting the secular jehadi on the internet.

Jai Hind.