Thursday, March 24, 2005

india as number 1

march 24th

i have been traveling (typing this on the road).

a number of people have responded to my column on india as creative superpower. you are welcome to post comments as responses to this post. you can also send email to if you wish.

reader h singh chided me for not mentioning the martyrdom of sukhdev, rajguru and bhagat singh on march 23, in 1921. mea culpa, i am at fault. but i do stand up and salute these patriots. they had a vision of india as no. 1


Anonymous said...

India as #1 isnt a new concept being propounded. All the same, there is a danger in claiming global intelluctual superiority, just like there is a danger in claiming moral superiority. I think the superiority has to be recognised, not forced as the single nation defining idea. There is no lacking of intelluctual capital today, so your article is somewhat inane.

See for eg, where moral superiority is ruining the day for USA.
Be careful on what you wish for. Very soon, we'd have the cultural police and intelluctual police out on the streets in India more than now.

Stun Gun Puritan said...

Nizhal Yoddha,
I liked your article in rediff. But here's what i think & feel.

There's no thumb-rule for success. Nor there's a guaranteed recipe. But all the Nations that have been successful or
powerful in history have at some point of time been aggressive.

Take Roman Empire, British Empire & now America. There's a common thread of cold-blooded aggression running through these
great empires.

Even the Maurya Empire was built on political aggression.

Point being, India needs more than just Intellectual power to win this race.

We are too humble & meek when it comes to handling Foreign affairs. In spite of winning 3 wars against Pak, we still are crawling & bending in front of a small Nation.
That's definitely not a sign of greatness.

On the other hand China seems to have the necessary ingredients to make it big.

For starters it bears the We-Care-A-Damn attitude for others, including US. It is highly aggressive. Also when it comes to outsiders it is very very united. An ingredient India lacks.

We are still in the Nehruvian mode of "Panchasheel" and all that bull shit.

By nature we avoid confrontation & quickly take the refuge under peace & non-violence & Gandhi's photos to deal with unfair enemies.

And one very important thing that we have lacked all along is a Strong leader with a vision. A leader who can take the entire Nation along.
None of our leaders have a worldview. At best our leaders can engage in local street level politics.

I always feel that one big difference between two big Democracies India & US was that Gandhi led us & Washington led them.
One a half-naked, weak man, more interested in being a "Mahatma" & the other, a General & a fighter leading the fight from the front.

We started on a weak foundation.

Srini said...

Dear Rajeev,

Why are you silent on Modi's visa rejection?HAHAHAHA.... You are afriad if you write yours will be rejected too?? You have written quite a lot ,we can compile and submitt as to instigating violence?? So as your friends .. like Advani and lot of others are so silent on this whole issue!! HAHAHA...... Now no UK visit too!! Now people will start to become smarter and will quit inviting him..Now we need to know cut the money link too!!

You ever stopped writing against your favourite Sonia and Congress.Scared huh ,buddy?? HAHAHAHA!!!

No wonder chaddis like you were so passionate.. Now no more chaddis..

prasank said...

dear srini,
if Rajeev and like minded others were to write to the american govt. on activities of some of his fellow Indians, lot of people, which includes some profs and grad. students will have to return to India. I still cannot understand these people who support marxist and still live in US

Crusade said...

Atleast our Chaddis are Khaki in color, unlike yours which is Red in color with a Hammer & Sickle at the wrong spot ;-)

Abhi said...

All the Marxists or "Pinkos" are harping on Modi ... what happens to their inner concious when they bend over for the Musharraf. The same Musharraf who is DIRECTLY responsible for killing of minimum 600 soliders during Kargil War and keeping the so called "Proxy War" alive. The same proxy war is responsible for killing of >50000 people. I never hear a word coming out from their mouth when the US or Indian government host a Mass Murdere for a submit.

We should be ashamed of being so weak that we don't have the guts to give the treatment that Modi deserved to anybody including Benny Hinn or Musharraf!

srini said...

Prasank ,abhi and all those chaddis by many names,


We all precisely know Why chaddis like you are silent on this episode.You are scared your visa will be rejected if you support India's Hitler (Modi).So you just play it low in these message boards and especially Rajeev,who is a spineless chaddi with many bloggs by himself but in different names!

Anonymous said...

(This news from
Christians stage rally against Narendra Modi

NEW YORK: Members belonging to the Indian Christian Forum under the aegis of the Coalition against Genocide (CAG) staged a protest rally in New York against the atrocities on minorities in Gujarat. The rally was held at Madison Square Garden where Chief Minister Narendra Modi was to address the Indian community.

Modi had to cancel the US trip following the State Department's decision to deny him visa. Hundreds of Christians participated in the protest rally braving torrential rain and snow.

George Abraham, Secretary CAG; Thomas T. Oommen ( General Secretary- Indian Christian Forum); Rev. Wilson Jose; Abraham Mammen( General Coordiantor ICF) led the protest march.
If we can negotiate with the World in branding these communist & minority jehadis as 'Global terrorists', then INDIA WILL be No.1
It's these jehadis who are working 24X7 to malign India , Sanskrit & Vedas.

prasank said...


"The rising crime rate was brought to the state Assembly’s notice on Monday by none other than Chief Minister A K Antony who is also in charge of the Home portfolio.

According to the figures he laid before the house, here is the breakup of the crime rate in the last three years: 1,292 murders, 95 deaths in communal killings, 13,428 household robberies, 1,424 rapes, 28,955 suicides (of which 78 were family suicides), 68 deaths in political violence and 5,441 cases of vehicle theft."
dude, this is from a state that was ruled by a "christian" minister and is presently ruled by another "christian" minister and was ruled for half of its indepedent years by "red chaddies"(no mistake, ever seen dyfi marches?). what do I understand from all this? So what specific extra actions have the kerala govt. taken to prevent such things?
Yes, Modi has to blamed. But so do all the other ministers who go blameless just because they are congress???