Saturday, March 19, 2005

american bigot on why catholics aren't christians

March 19th

this is the kind of bigot who pontificates on the religious standards in other countries.

this jack chick is a particularly entertaining redneck. his tirades against anything other than his narrow-minded beliefs are so over-the-top they are funny.

the bush administration has shown they are no better than chick with their unwarranted prohibition against narendra modi. it is highly likely that the impetus for this came from the good ole boys of the religious right, of which the CIRF is an arm.

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Muse (# 5279076) said...

It has become a platitude to voice against the sanghparivar, otherwise one will be stamped as retrograding thinker or pro-hindutva nazist or castist brahmin.

My views always look at any standardized cliches either from the hindutva gang or the pseudo-secular forces with skepticism. When many feel morally better after casting their votes against Modi, I don't see anything to boost the morale. Such actions are but taking side with one of the many devils. I dont see any point in treating something as less evil.

The same Uncle Sam is shaking hand with Pakistan's supremos who were sucessful in their genocide at Kashmir and have been spreading it in the rest of the world. And we, the secular Indians casting our votes against a useless visit of a power hungry politician, without even asking for the URL where we can caste our vote against the genocides at Kashmir, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nagaland, Srilanka, Afghanistan, Gulf Countries, African countries, USSR, Vietnam, China, Tibet, Iran, Himachal Pradesh etc. in the past and at present.

Can we think beyond this less evil, worse evil stories at least for once?