Saturday, March 19, 2005

Guardian (UK): One huge US jail

March 19th

this is why Condoleezza Rice should be denied a visa to visit any country in the world and treated as an 'untouchable'. their chutzpah is frankly admirable. the us can talk out of both, or all three sides, of its mouth at the same time.

in fact, the chinese tactic of always shouting from the rooftops about *american* human rights violations is the best tactic. for instance, has the us ever accounted for its wiping out of the branch davidians in 1993? wasn't that religious oppression, and the massacre of 100 people who were incinerated by the FBI, the BATF and the Army?

also, how about charanjit singh aujla, indian-american, shot to death by plainclothes detectives somewhere in the redneck south a few years ago? how about navroze mody, indian-american, beaten to death in hoboken, new jersey, about 20 years ago?

india should publish an annual 'report on human rights violations in the us' just as china does. it would shut them up a bit.

this article is a start.

do take a look at the list of 'friendly' countries that act as impromptu jailers for the americans. it is practically all their allies in the middle east and asia. in other words, they are supposed to do the dirty work for the yanks.

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Anonymous said...

Great Rajeev - agree with you 100 %. Sick of the US pointing out so-called 'genocides' to the rest of the world.