Friday, March 11, 2005

Stanford Daily: Feds seize 50 terabytes of data

March 11

according to the stanford daily, Homeland Security has seized 50 terabytes(!!!!) of data from stanford archives under the PATRIOT act.

this must include enormous amounts of emails sent out from stanford servers.

for all those fans of various isms, including the good people of AID and ASHA at stanford, who have been indiscreet enough to use stanford ids for propagating their views, it may be time to start wondering about the midnight knock on the door, especially if:

a) their green cards are in progress -- for the INS rules are pretty clear about denying immigrant status to those affiliated with marx-ism, terror-ism, commun-ism and other -isms (and i am told the INS has a pretty broad view of what constitutes affiliation), or

b) if they are non-immigrant aliens.

of course, if you are a citizen, they dont use the INS against you, only the IRS :-)

i am sure they have improved the conditions at guantanamo quite a lot these days.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) was good enough for Al Capone, it should be good enough for the small fry doing anti-American stuff.

nizhal yoddha said...

someone asked me for the url for this. i don't have it, it was printed in the hardcopy version of the stanford daily on march 7th.