Friday, March 25, 2005

High tech conference at Stanford Business School

March 25th

High Tech Conference 2005, Wednesday, April 6, 1:30 - 6:00 pm,
Stanford Graduate School of Business (South Building)

Don't miss the 2005 High Tech Conference on Wednesday, April 6th!
More than 30 distinguished guest speakers have graciously accepted our
invitation to engage in lively discussions across a wide range of
pertinent topics, including "Exploiting Technology: The CIO's
Perspective", "India or China? Outsource or Offshore?", "Innovative
Business Models in Technology", "The Mobile Data Revolution", and
"Digital Home: The Battle for Control of the Living Room". This year's
conference will feature two outstanding and thought-provoking keynote
speakers whom you won't want to miss:

o Jonathan Schwartz, COO and President of Sun Microsystems
o Ray Lane, former President of Oracle and currently General
Partner at Kleiner Perkins

Last year's tickets sold out quickly. For more information and to
purchase your discounted alumni ticket, go to

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