Monday, March 28, 2005

Dawn: some home truths about pakistani 'history'

March 28th

thanks to reader CS, about the myths of pakistani history. i heard
recently that there are certain sections in the re-toxified NCERT
textbooks that are lifted verbatim from pakistani textbooks.

we shouldn't be in the least bit surprised.

praise be to arjun
'i-will-become-prime-minister-of-india-someday-before-i-die' singh


Hi Rajeev,

I just read something which might interest you. This is today's
article in Dawn titled:

"The Myth of History: Prof.Shahida Kazi" and its URL is:

This talks about some of this historical myths propogated by Pakistan
to their young minds and how it is being questioned by their own set
of thinkers. Some of them are:

Myth 1

Our history begins from 712AD, when Mohammad bin Qasim arrived in the
subcontinent and conquered the port of Debal.

Myth 2

Mohammad Bin Qasim came to India to help oppressed widows and orphan girls.

Myth 3

The myth of the idol-breaker.

Myth 4

The myth of the cap-stitcher.
Myth 5

It was the Muslims who were responsible for the war of 1857; and it
was the Muslims who bore the brunt of persecution in the aftermath of
the war, while the Hindus were natural collaborators of the British.

Myth 6

The Muslims were in the forefront of the struggle against the British
and were singled out for unfair treatment by the latter.

Myth 7

The Muslim League was the only representative body of the Muslims.

Myth 8

Allama Iqbal was the first person to come up with the idea of a
separate Muslim state.

Myth 9

The Pakistan Resolution envisaged a single Muslim state.

Myth 10

March 23, 1940 is celebrated because the Pakistan Resolution was
adopted on that day.The fact of the matter is that the Pakistan
Resolution was only introduced on March 23 and was finally adopted on
March 24 (the second and final day of the session).

And in the same edition of Dawn: Irfan Husain asks the questions why
Muslims expect others to be tolerant to them when do not allow others
to construct temples let alone in Mecca but anywhere in S.Arabia

Enjoy reading the adage Heads you win and Tails I lose



surya said...


Hope you have seen this.

I dont understand how rewriting textbooks is related to Human Rights.

surya said...


another news...

Zaheera threw some allegations at Teesta Steelvad.

So much to our christian NGOs...