Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Intl Herald Tribune: so race exists after all?

March 15th


this fellow is making a case for five races: euro, east asian,
african, american and australasian. this seems a bit bizarre: where
does that leave that large mass of indians, arabs, southeast asians,
etc? according to his own theory of groups having acquired 'race'
status (eg. basques) surely two billion people must constitute a race.

will the 'dravidians' now stand up and claim they are australasian? i
am sure the dmk is about to do that. and john dayal, christian
fundamentalist, will claim that dalits are african and therefore they
are not hindus.

this whole article sounds bogus in view of oppenheimer's thesis about
gene migration which seems complex but is certainly intriguing.

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