Sunday, March 27, 2005

a few blogs and sites i have been reading

March 27th

the blog conversion agenda
the blog vivekajyoti
the blog pseudosecularism
the blog secular-right india

the site vigil online

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rajeev,

Keep the Good stuff coming....

Wondered what your take was on "India Policy Institute" ?

Following interesting tidbit from their website:( where they disseminate some "facts" about India. Why this focus on "poor & declining" Christianity?

Seems like a bunch of loaded Indians who want to be on the "pseudo sec" bandwagon, & make some money while at it...??
Population growth rates, community wise:
Throughout India, the growth rate of the Christian population has been lower than that of Hindus. The 1991 census for India reveals the following growth rates: country -- 23.79; Hindus -- 22.78; Christians -- 16.89; Muslims -- 32.76. The total percentage of Christians in India has actually gone down from 2.36 to 2.24 per cent during 1981-91.