Monday, March 07, 2005

HBS: Innovation in Asia

March 7th

one more voice adding to the clamor about america falling behind in research. there is some truth to this, of course.

here's my simple socio-sexual analysis :-) science and technology are much more socially acceptable in asia; while in the us, let's face it, anybody with a science and technology interest is labelled a 'geek' with no social skills, and compares unfavorably to mindless 'jocks'. geeks can't get no babes, so nobody wants to be a geek. QED.

therefore, if you want science and tech to be more popular, tell hollywood to make lots of movies about sexy scientists and engineers.


Indidoc said...

Did you mean Mr. Rajeev that Americans are intellectually challanged? Thats a politically correct way to say that;is it so?