Sunday, March 27, 2005

the terri schiavo case

March 27th

i am sick and tired of hearing about terri schiavo. so please excuse
this tirade.

the godawful media fuss about this one woman is an excellent
indication of one of the following in North American (yes, including
the canadians) society:

1. stalinism. remember stalin's adage that the death of one man is a
tragedy, but that of a thousand men is a statistic. the us media and
public act as though this were true. 100,000 iraqis have died, but
that's fine. *one* woman in a coma, brain-dead, exercises everyone's
imagination. how lop-sided can you get?

2. racism. the deaths of iraqis is fine because they are not white
americans. just as the deaths of all those indians on board the air
india kanishka flight blown up in the sky. they *exonerated* the
accused. but the pan am lockerbie flight, they made much noise about
it because it was white people who died; and libyans are paying what
$3 million per head?

3. lack of medical sense. exactly what is the point in keeping this
poor woman in a state of suspended animation? this is one of those
futile medical spectacles on which so much money is wasted in the us.
nobody expects terri schiavo to rise from the dead, so to speak (this
being easter and all). so what is the point in keeping her body alive
while she is in a coma? this sort of medical heroics is what is
causing the us health care system to gobble up and more and more of
the gdp, while the average american is obese and unfit. the money
spent on terri schiavo would be enough to fund the medical insurance
of a hundred poor street people.

i am also sick and tired of hearing about michael jackson.


indidoc said...

I wrote back on the same thing on my blog too
I really wish that media gets its act together and report something sensibly. But then it is hard to expect anything from them now.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. They will spend billions to keep one poor vegetative woman alive -- pro-life, you see -- but think nothing of sending dozens to the gallows, in the very same country. So much for being "pro-life".

2. The media circus -- jackson, jon benet ramsey, terry schiavo, various murder or other cases are nothing more than to keep the population drugged and brain dead, so that nobody pays attention to the crap that's going oin.