Saturday, March 05, 2005

Will the real Lou Dobbs please stand up?

March 5th

is the CNN fixture, the standard-bearer of outsourcing (also known as trade, as glassman points out), really what he seems to be? or is he unabashedly tw0-faced, that is, rabid protectionist in one janus-face and shareholder advocate in the other janus-face?

thanks to sulekha.

Two Faces of Lou Dobbs
by James K. Glassman (March 4, 2004)

Summary: Evildoers on the Dobbs Rogue Fund happen to the most innovative job-creators in America.

[] I wonder whether the friends of Lou Dobbs on the protectionist Left -- folks like Rich Trumka of the AFL-CIO and Rep. Sherrod Brown of Ohio -- know that, at the same time the CNN anchor is pushing for restrictions on trade practices like outsourcing and demanding that the President's top economic advisor be fired, he's also praising "George Bush [for] ushering in the greatest economic boom since Ronald Reagan in 1982."

Even more surprising, Dobbs is telling investors to buy shares of companies like Boeing and Washington Mutual -- both on his most-wanted list of firms guilty of "exporting America."



Indidoc said...

I am surprised with your persistence of "exposing"these double faced spineless idiots. We could see some "real posts"here please? These kind of lobbyists are dime a dozen in Washington and that place is teeming with these kind of creepy crawly slimy creatures. Giving them the media exposure is oxygen for them.Denying the same would ably squash these bugs.Think about Mr.Rajeev.

Stun Gun Puritan said...

Lou Dobbs has made religion out of speaking non-sense. His "Exporting America" is one effort at comic relief.
There are so many loop-holes in his book that even a 5th grader can tear him apart.
But having said that, owing to his association with CNN, he enjoys a lot of visibility & exposure anyways.
That he is playing to the middle-class gallery is apparent. But Americans are too smart not to see through his
ideas. Also at the back of the mind every american knows how crucial is outsourcing to her own economy.
Americans see outsourcing as a neccessary "evil", if you will.
But i am really surprised, and i may be contested on this, that the outcry on outsourcing is more pronounced
on the technology sector (read against Indians), rather then manufacturing sector (i.e chineese).
If outsourcing is a crime, China should be hanged first. And not only by America, but every country affected by it.
I here now in India, Chinese are going to launch a car at 100,000 INR.
No wonder Ratan Tata is spending sleepless nights.

nizhal yoddha said...

sorry doc, lou dobbs is no howard-stern-type sleazeball shock-jock; he has a pulpit and he is visible and he is credible too. what he says is taken as the truth by a lot of people, which is why it is important to debunk him.

nizhal yoddha said...

acd, the white collar types are better organized than factory workers, and so make more noise. but i do remember the amount of animosity towards the japanese that car-industry people had: some chinese were beaten to death with baseball bats because they were mistaken for japanese from toyota. by the way, no chinese product has made it big time in india so far: haier failed, konka failed. their quality is very dubious. but the south koreans have made a big impact because they make quality products. so i dont know about a cheap rs 1 lakh car. havent seen anything in the online indian media about that.

Stun Gun Puritan said...

Nizhal Yoddha, I agree, it's not been reported in news online (the car thing). I might have got it from some friends back home.
It was inadvertent.