Saturday, March 19, 2005

BBC: Depleted uranium in Afghanistan

March 19th

there is a long history of us genocidal tactics in various places.

what i can remember off the top of my head:

1. the genocide of the native american in the 19th century

2. the use of the atomic bomb in hiroshima and nagasaki

3. the use of napalm and agent orange in vietnam

4. the killing of 500,000 iraqi children (virtually wiping out an entire generation) in ten years of absurd sanctions which denied medicines and other essentials

5. the use of depleted uranium in afghanistan and iraq

thanks to sulekha for the link

and let's get this straight: these americans are the ones who are sitting in judgment on others? boggles the imagination.


Vidhya said...

The world seems to be quiet on the human rights record of US and UK. Has the Queen ever apologised for the human rights record in the name of colonolization. Has
US been questioned in its quest for democracy around the world. A big human rights voice is raised on Modi's visit to USA. I guess if one is powerful then any amount of violations are unquestionable. A good reason why Indians should unite, stop quoting secularism, and get our act together and become powerful. Then who will dare question us?

Stun Gun Puritan said...

Dear Satyamevajeyathe, I feel Sonia's INC is hands in glove with US on Modi visa denial. Congress was desperately looking to shift the focus away after the Jharkhand heroics. Rice-Sonia meet might have clinched the deal.
It's a win-win situation for both. US has in a way tried to placate some islamic nations by doing that, and Sonia has successfully shifted the media focus away from her.
The Human Rights Industry is celebrating. Check out some of the nauseating editorials specially in IE & TOI, whose tone is more of "vindication" of the media stand vis-a-vis Modi, rather than criticising US.
The Hoteliers Association which had invited Modi, have backed out. This is a bigger snub.
Hindus are weak.Period.

Vidhya said...

Dear ACD,
Its true the attitude of secularists has been worse. And the attitude of IE and TOI is not surprising. The fact is that there is a multi dimensional foe operating, and that US is supporting these secularists add more to the dimensions thats all. So who do we fight? At this moment the diplomatic means is the only feasible option. Are we going to fight the marxists and mccaulayan intellectuals, the missionaries and the like? These Indians go abroad and spread lies about india. We have to fight them, but that is a long fight. So whatever the chance to fight any of these axes, i think we should use it.

PreHistoric Bird said...

ACD, I don't think the hotel owners association has snubbed MODI. The just cancelled the invite coz it is of no use now. He may participate on a VIdeo-con. This is just a story that has been blow out of proportions. We should make such a law and use it on the likes of Rumsfeld.

Rice is just on a honeymoon tour. The tour she has made appears to me like a travel hungry person who got her best opportunity to quench her hunger

PreHistoric Bird said...
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