Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sandhya Jain: Minorities hijack democracy

March 7th

sandhya as usual is incisive.

it is true that the sonia gandhi cabal consists almost entirely of christians, and this is not coincidental. when needed, she brings in muslims too; so also are the minor characters in the goa and jharkhand scenarios.

look at the dramatis personae involved in the recent crises:

christians: margaret alva, s c jamir, felipe rodrigues (goa), ajit jogi, stephen marandi (jharkhand)

muslims: sibtey razi, ahmed patel (jharkhand)

of course, there are also marxists: eg, arjun singh, who by all accounts has been the architect of the 'masterful' bihar strategy which blew up so spectacularly in his face. so this is the man who is so smart that he will 'retoxify' textbooks! in point of fact, the old guard -- arjun singh, natwar singh, etc. are well past their prime and even their sell-by dates. they need to be shelved permanently as they are -- how can i put this kindly -- on the verge of dotage.

sonia gandhi's core group consists of: margaret alva, oscar fernandes, ajit jogi, rajasekhara reddy, vincent george, tom vadakkan -- only christians. she must feel more comfortable with them. used to have purno sangma there as well (another christian) until he bailed out.

incidentally not quite sure what sandhya says in the last para about reduced numbers of winning candidates -- does she mean fewer muslims are winning?

From the Pioneer, dated March 8th

Minorities hijack democracy
by Sandhya Jain

Two successive assaults on Indian democracy by Governors hailing from minority communities exemplify how this country is hostage to a secular-minority determination to inflict political subordination on the Hindu community. While moves for a hat-trick in Patna were thwarted after Rashtrapati Bhavan rang a warning bell, the possibility of tinkering with the people's verdict remains open in Goa, Jharkhand and even Bihar.

Despite the sharp media exposure that saw Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi scuttling for cover and pushed the Manmohan Singh regime into damage control, the secular media continues to be an unreliable ally in the struggle for Hindu rights and dignity. Readers may question this focus on the majority community since the parties cheated of their democratic dues are not exclusivist Hindu parties.

Yet the larger truth is that since it espoused the Ram Janmabhoomi cause (later abandoned), the BJP came to be regarded as a party that perceived and wooed the Hindu community as a wholistic entity, though local caste arithmetic mattered while fielding candidates. But because it sought votes from a united Hindu community, it was dubbed a "Hindu communalist party".

In contrast, the Congress, Left and secular regional parties regard the Muslim and Christian communities as their political cornerstones. Both groups are wooed on the basis of a collective communal identity rooted in religious exclusivity, and are encouraged to give an anti-Hindu edge to their political consciousness. Hence the importance of the Church and the Imams at poll time; the Election Commission must explain why it takes no cognizance of this religio-political theocracy. The secular parties seek Hindu support as add-ons to their minority vote corpus, to win elections, and hence divide Hindus on caste lines. I view this policy of minority-plus-Hindu-collaborators as post-independence colonialism.

In this context, it needs to be understood that democracy is not just numbers, nor is nationalism merely territory. Democracy means the general will of the people as reflected through the majority. In India, Hindus will always comprise the bulk of any majority, in any situation. Jawaharlal Nehru's antipathy for the Hindu people and their civilizational aspirations, rising after nearly thousand years of powerlessness, led him to pervert our democracy in favour of the minorities at a nascent stage. Disarming critics with the bogey of "Hindu communalism" (never explained), he fathered a perverse democracy that distorted the popular will. For decades, Congress was ably assisted by Election Commissions that placed ballot boxes strategically (sic) and inhibited undesired (read anti-Congress) voters from coming to the booths.

Nationalism too, cannot be delinked from the nation's majority-core population, as it includes love of the native culture and civilisation, as much as of the land. Many minority citizens display exemplary loyalty towards India's territorial integrity, and their personal contributions in this regard are second to none. But this is a nationalism of the body, not of the soul. India's minorities claim only partial citizenship when they emphasise a physical relationship to the soil, on account of genealogical ties, as most are converts. By denying themselves, indeed, by actively shunning, the greater citizenship of its rich civilisational cosmos, they not only spiritually impoverish themselves, but insult the motherland in a manner that causes deep distress to the rest of us.

Living in the same house, they declare themselves outsiders. This naturally creates distrust, and if these psychological barriers are to be overcome, some of us must speak plainly, rather than abet misunderstandings through a conspiracy of silence.

Ever since Ms Sonia Gandhi became party president, there has been an utterly disproportionate rise of minority leaders in the upper echelons of the party, and a highly repulsive in-your-face articulation of so-called minority interests, which are to be achieved by debasing the larger citizenry. Thus, under a secular dispensation, there can be no concord; only conflict or competition.

Congress and its UPA allies are brazen about forming a "secular" government by disrespecting the people's mandate in three States. Minority appeasement is India's new jaziya. It is extracted through State power, and understandably minority members figure prominently among the zamindars, for who will better enjoy the forced servility of the subjected?

In Goa, the Manohar Parrikar regime was destabilized and given just 48 hours to prove its majority by a Governor who danced at a party in the wake of the tsunami tragedy. When the Chief Minister won the vote of confidence, he was peremptorily sacked by Mr SC Jamir, in an operation masterminded from Delhi by Mr Ahmad Patel.

Mr Pratapsinh Rane received a month to prove his majority, but poetic justice rendered this counter-productive. As the tactical resignations by the BJP Speaker and Deputy Speaker tilted the scales, the cussedness of the pro-tem Speaker gave Mr Rane a pyhrric victory. A media that was quiescent over Goa screamed at the rape of democracy in Jharkhand, and Congress had to backtrack. President's rule has since been imposed, but with the Assembly in suspended animation, scope for horse-trading remains, unless elections are called.

Jharkhand enraged public opinion because the BJP was close to victory and quickly garnered a simple majority with the help of Independents. But Governor Syed Sibte Razi displayed a shameful bias from the beginning, insisting upon personal verification with the five MLAs, no doubt to browbeat them. When this did not work, he swore in Mr Shibu Soren and gave him three weeks to prove his majority. Congress spokespersons Ms Ambika Soni and Mr Anand Sharma chortled gleefully until an uproar by BJP and the media prompted President Abdul Kalam to summon the Governor.

Congress immediately went into denial. But Mr Razi was made of sterner stuff. He preponed the vote of confidence by just six days and organised the Assembly session in a manner conducive to enable Mr Soren to manufacture a majority. The Jharkhand chapter is therefore far from over. While I believe that any Congressman could have acted as Mr Jamir and Mr Razi did, the fact of their belonging to minority communities gives an added edge to Hindu unease over the intentions of the Sonia-led Congress.

Mercifully, President Kalam's displeasure over Jharkhand alerted Bihar Governor Buta Singh to err on the side of caution, and Mr Lalu Yadav's determination to install Ms Rabri Devi as Chief Minister has been checkmated for the present. But it is too early to predict the backroom manoeuvres that Congress and the RJD will indulge in to get Mr Ram Vilas Paswan to fall in line once media attention shifts elsewhere. If Mr Paswan shows greater sensitivity to his Muslim votebank than to his Hindu supporters, we may well see the rise of a "secular" regime in Patna, sooner rather than later.

This brings me back to the issue of the usurpation of Indian democracy by the minorities. Much of the fault, as Shakespeare said, lies in the Hindu community itself. We have tolerated a language of political discourse that talks of "creating a secular government" and dares to call the natural ascendance of Hindus in public life as "communal".

However, all is not lost. Over the past five decades, Hindu irritation at Muslim obduracy has led to a sharp fall in winning candidates at national and State level, regardless of party affiliation. Perhaps this is a lesson that the Christian community is now waiting to learn.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev,

It is a great pity that India has no leaders of repute today. We still have to import our leaders from foreign lands. It is sad that a great Hindu country like India has been ruled by foreigners for a good amount of time.

Nostradamus has predicted that the true religion will triumph in the end. The religion which suffered persecution and oppression throughout the centuries, but still held out and retained its identity, is the true religion.

The true religion of the gods will reign supreme. Christanity and Islam are just temporary phenomenons, they will pass away with time. Though it is high time they do pass away.

--- The Maratha Warrior has spoken.

yoddhä said...

I think Sandhya is pointing that the percentage of Muslims in the parliament is well below their percentage of the total population. I came across this interesting fact, all Muslim candidates of Paswan's party lost.

Anonymous said...

Intrestingly, this article came in the Pioneer a newspaper coming from the Hotbed of Communism , Kolkata. Congratulations to Pioneer, If this is one of event by Pioneer still it shows , it has some sense prevailing in it, else if it is aiming to tread this path, Welcome Pioneer, we need more like you in this country , who understand the real meaning of "SECULARISM"

Stun Gun Puritan said...

Sandhy Jain's observation that..
"Congress spokespersons Ms Ambika Soni and Mr Anand Sharma chortled gleefully until an uproar by BJP ...."
is shockingly true. It's a pertinent point questioning the behaviour & attitude of present Congress men. Till the time of Rajiv Gandhi however ideologically distant we felt from Congress we did see some decent characters in Congress.
Certain decoram was followed in public life by politicians. Today's political class of Sonis & Sharmas are behaving like college students who want to bring the nation's politics to college level. Even the debates on issues have become crass.

A man is known by the company he keeps. With Laloo, Paswan, Taslimuddin as it's company, one might explain the Congress's crude behaviour, bordering
at times on vulgarity.

The Congress (however sick it had become ), died on 21st May in Sriperumbudur

Anonymous said...


The masterminds behind Jharkhand operation are P Das Munshi and ML Fotedar. You, as usual, search for some Christian names and put all blame on them. Very nice. I guess you are justified in lying because your target crowd is a bunch of hate-mongers pretending as nationalists.

Anonymous said...

what is with this "as usual" bs from the last poster.

The pope has made his conversion plans quite clear. Sonia Gandhi is a Roman Catholic, and surrounds her self with self same. Disproportionate presence of people of the same religion gaining power during her 'reign'. Attack on the majority 'Hindus' claiming facism in a nation that has been the most tolerant (at times to the hight of stupidity). The chain of logic is quite clear.

I have no clue who this P Das Munshi and ML Fotedar are but follow up with facts otherwise it is clear that the post is meritless.

Anonymous said...

The last poster's (self) name is George, in case you are wondering.

OK. Lets see why Rajeev is deliberately mis-representing facts.

>> The pope has made his conversion plans quite clear.


>> Sonia Gandhi is a Roman Catholic, and surrounds her self with self same.

Like Arjun Singh? Manmohan Singh? Ambika Soni? Makhanlal Fotedar? MK Narayanan? Pranab Mukherjee?

How come you guys don't see the big people, instead paying attention only to small-timers with Christian names? You are not worried about Shibu Soren, but feel that Stephen Marandi is the culprit. You don't see Pratap Singh Rane, but think that some Philipo is the one to blame in Goa!

btw, all those Christians that you see in Congress are not Catholics. Some are, like those from south, some are not.

>>Disproportionate presence of people of the same religion gaining power during her 'reign'.

Name some of them, please. And how many of them got into that job just because Sonia was there to push.

>> Attack on the majority 'Hindus' claiming facism in

That is debatable. No one calls Hindus fascists, only the RSS is branded that way by the Congress and lefties.

>> a nation that has been the most tolerant (at times to the hight of stupidity).

I agree. However, tolerance (or the lack of it) to Islam was not out of choice.

>> The chain of logic is quite clear.


>> I have no clue who this P Das Munshi and ML Fotedar are but follow up with facts otherwise it is clear that the post is meritless.

Munshi and Fotedar camped at the Ranchi Raj Bhavan and planned evil stuff along with the Governer. Typical Congress stuff, reminder of Indira days.

I hope you have the facts now.


Anonymous said...

Catholic priests & sexual harassment continue.....

The news is in Malayalam daily Kerala Kaumudi.

(Translation: A Catholic priest in Ahmedabad, tried to molest Mrs Shantha Benn after applying 'coercive' conversion tactics on her. She was promised a house if she was willing to CONVERT AND GET RAPED!! Rajiv, please forward this to respsonsible Hindu organizations as well as senile vatican secret cops like Rev Valson thampu & Biju Mathews.)

Anonymous said...

Hey RAM,

Good job, good to keep track on catholic sex pervert priests.

While the topic is Ahmedabad and priests:

Open google news and search for Swaminarayan, you will get many more links that can be forwarded. Here's the first one:

Moral: Many brahmacharis are leading a wayward life. It is not a catholic phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

This recent event may be interseting to you (thanks for your suggestion on google):



Moral : Christain missionaries are not only wayward but also ruthless militants, if the 'soul' is not 'ready' for 'harvest'!!


Shadow Shisya said...

Hey Rajeev...

Did you take a notice of the Times of India home page caricature of Lord Shiva and the article of Bachi Karkaria (Associate Editor of TOI) mocking the Hindu philosphy of spirituality as hyporcrisy...and the article of Narayani Ganesh on the universal appeal of Lord of Varanasi...She goes to appreciate some south american couple visiting Varanasi banks for Honeymoon.

We were waiting to hear your valuable comments on that.

Anonymous said...

Hey RAM,

(no, that was not Gandhi's last scream)

Thanks for the link. If the girl was killed by missionaries, then they (the missionaries) deserve punishment. However, I wouldn't jump to conclusiuons based on Bajrang Dal's press statement. Anything concrete in proof?

I also wish to invite your attention to the other (Christian) version of the Gujarat rape story. Especially, read what the accuser's brother has to tell about her. We won't be fair unless we hear both versions.

(hey, I understand it is an Italian website, not sure if its Sonia financed :-)

As for Jyotirmayee's murder, read these as well and take note of what the BJP has to say.


I understand you are a Malayalee. Have you seen the movie starring Thilakan and his politician sons Jayaram and Srinivasan, where the two sons fight over a dead body for political mileage. Ditto.

Anonymous said...

Haha..as if I am going to beleive in the italian mafia's news on Ms Ben. Christian journalists & missionaries (esp Manorama/Deepika) are pioneers in distorting facts and propogating lies and brand it 'secular' news! They may even go to the extent of creating a 'virtual' brother for her and make his 'virtual' statement. Anyway thanks for the research. You may also be aware of Sr. Abhaya case?

Since you quoted Gandhi, you may be aware of his statement too:
"Only the other day a missionary descended on a famine area with money in his pocket, distributed it among the famine stricken, converted them to his fold, took charge of their temple and demolished it. This is outrageous." (Harijan: November 5, 1937)

Please watch the Mohanlal-Jayaram movie 'Advaitham'. It shows how the 'secular'(marxist-minority) dictatorship & their militant media works..


Anonymous said...

>> Since you quoted Gandhi, you may be aware of his statement too:

Yes I am aware. I am also aware that Christians respect Gandhi neverthless. Whereas your friends shot him promptly.

Anonymous said...

Is that just like your guys crucified Jesus?

Oops... I forgot that Jesus never existed.

Never mind!

Anonymous said...

>> Is that just like your guys crucified Jesus?

Actually yes, my friend. You were trying to be sarcastic, but it is true. Gandhi was a saint, we all should repent how we paid him back.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! You have found one sex criminal among Hindu priests.

How about the 100,000 convicted sex criminals among Christian priests?

How about the fact that Catholic priests in the US have AIDS at 4 times the rate of the general public? AIDS is not spread by tender loving care of the sick, but by sexual contact. Those pedophile priests must be getting into homosexual encounters.

You should have a sense of proportion, George. Aren't you ashamed to bring up sexual crimes in Hinduism when there is nothing but sexual crime in Christianity? This instance in Hinduism is the exception that proves the rule that Hindu priests are not into sexual crime.

How about the serial killer in Wichita, Kansas, known as BTK for bind, torture and kill? He is known to have masturbated watching his victims strangle to death. He was also a pillar of the church in his community.

So it's not a Catholic problem either, lots of Protestants have sexual problems as well.

Anonymous said...

No, my friend George. I wasn't trying to be sarcastic. I was sarcastic.

As for Gandhi, he was more Christian than Hindu. No wonder you think he is a saint. You also think Mother Teresa is a saint, Francis Xavier is a saint.

Only you Christians have this thing about sin and repentence. But of course you don't want a movie named "Sins", showing a sexually predatory priest, to be shown.

Anonymous said...

Sexual crimes exist among Hindu priests, sects as well as Christian, Islamic, Buddhist priests - no diff among the various religions. I would question the "scientific" research behind the "4 times" figure you have quoted. (But when has validity of "scientific" research been a problem?) At worst, it is the same as the general male population wherever the study has been carried out. If one were to perform a study of Hindu priests, it would be no different either. (BTW BTK was not a priest)

Speaking of AIDS, here is an interesting link

Anonymous said...

Sorry, George, you are falling back on the "all religions are equal" nonsense. They are not. Christianity is a violent cult based on a huge hoax. It is a false religion. Others are not.

Besides, Catholic priests are horny because of the vow of 'celibacy' imposed on them, which is unnatural. Priests of other religions are married, so they generally don't feel the need to bugger little boys.

The Kansas City Star published the AIDS data about five years ago. Do a google search to find it. There is nothing unscientific about their research. Here's the link http://www.kcstar.com/item/pages/home.pat,local/37743133.129,.html

Anonymous said...

That link of sadhus in Gujarat being arrested on sex scandal is amazing. Amazing meaning, how in the Modi's Gujarat could a Hindu be arrested?

Hmmm.. a little fact being conveniently ignored "secularists"

Reading all the BS around one would think Hindus in Gujarat are above and beyond law.

Jonathan said...

just got back from India this summer. I was traveling all over the country. From Ky USA. I wanted to link to your blog. PLease come visit.