Friday, March 18, 2005 Bush govt manufactures news

March 13th

much of the TV that you watch is not necessarily the news, it's 'infomercials'.

i guess the times of india has been right on the money with its 'new

caveat emptor, buyer beware!


Stun Gun Puritan said...

Nizhal Yoddha,
I am no Bush fan. But i think that Bush & his team are taking the "liberal" media's bull by the horn. The "spin" thing that was monopolised by the likes of NYTimes (a rabidly anti-conservative daily) is slowly being used more effectively by Bush's team.
We ought to give credit to them for taking the attack to the enemies camp, whatever unethical ways they are following.
It's clear from the report that Bush is spending huge sums of money to "pre-package" a news item.
But "liberals" are no saints either.
As the report suggests that during Clinton years, a similar practice was followed albiet in a little subtle manner.

As far as TOI goes, it's now almost a semi-porn daily.
Not sure how many really take it seriously. It's hard to believe it's India's numero uno.

I am sure Outlook's Vinod Mehta must be waiting in wings to take it over as editor.
His experience of editing "Debonair" will come in handy.
He's probably more equipped to take on the "heat" further & turn it into 100% porn.

prasank said...

An excellent watch on the topic is the movie "Wag the Dog".
Can get a deteailed view of news manufacturing :-)