Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Journey of Mankind: Peopling of the world

March 8th

following the link from subhash kak's article, found this animation quite interesting. seriously, the aryan invasion fairy tale takes a major hit from this.

whatever will romila thapar, dn jha, satish chandra, rs sharma, suraj bhan, irfan habib, bn pandey, rl shukla, bipan chandra, gyanendra pandey and all the other neo-max-mullerite 'eminent historians' do? their lives' work may have been complete hogwash. should one feel sorry for them?

the bloody 'aryans' are the offspring of people who migrated out of india!

to paraphrase joseph conrad, "the horror! the horror!"

to paraphrase the 'eminent historians': "duh!"


JK said...

Romila Thapar never supported the Aryan Invasion Theory.


Anonymous said...

Does not matter. RT still sucs as an historian.

nizhal yoddha said...

jk, sorry, you cannot trust the 'eminent historians'. romila thapar was in the past a supporter of the AIT, some heavy google searching will get you the evidence. but when it became evident that this was nonsense, she quietly changed it to 'aryan migration theory', which is the same as 'old wine in new bottle'. and then of course she lies through her teeth. what do you expect of an 'expert' in ancient india who cannot read sanskrit?

JK said...

If you have any results of the Google search, I would appreciate if you share it.

Anonymous said...

"The Journey of Mankind: Peopling of the world". Website covers humankind's history till only about 10,000 years ago. Commanly accpeted versions of AIT proposes that this migration of Aryans occured withing last 10,000 years. So this link simply can not be useful for or against AIT. Moral of the Story, Do some good reading before refering some source from the Internet.