Saturday, November 21, 2015

Video Against Immigration Goes Viral Across Europe

A video highlighting the negative consequences of illegal immigration goes viral across Europe:

Now that France has experienced its own 26-11 attack, Europeans are suddenly re-thinking their attitudes towards immigration and unending accommodation of non-assimilating cultures.

This is something that can help Europeans to understand the problems that India has been grappling with, and the reason why nationalist backlash has been provoked across India. Until now, it's the global Leftist fraternity who have collaborated across the world to reinforce each other's message. We Indians should look at the opportunity for conservatives and nationalists from the various countries across the world to similarly collaborate and collectively oppose the slanted narrative of the global Left.

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Lomdi said...

Same thing happened to India during the 71 war where desis were saddled with over 10M refugees, a lot of whom never went back.....multiplying faster than flies creating demographic imbalances no wants to talk about so much so that states like AP, TN, WB, Kerala et al are fast approaching inflexion points...... And Europe is crying rape with a mere million......Amrika is screaming murder at the thought of entertaining 10000 refugees...It will be an interesting decade ahead!