Monday, November 09, 2015

Quick notes: Cataract microsurgery, Internet blackouts...

  • In 5 Minutes, He Lets the Blind See: Dr. Sanduk Ruit has pioneered a simple cataract microsurgery technique that costs only $25 per patient and is virtually always successful. Indeed, his "Nepal method" is now taught in U.S. medical schools.

  • Good to know: Bihar government currently spends 24 per cent of its budget on education, higher than any other state government... How Bihar changed under Nitish Kumar

  • Defeat dents BJP's Rajya Sabha hopes: The party cannot even hope to retain its current four MPs in the Rajya Sabha from Bihar, let alone increase its tally.

  • Internet Blackouts by 2020: The global population's eagerness to get itself and everything it owns online is leading to a data explosion that is consuming 40 percent more power every year and the Internet's power demand could soon rival the world's available power resources.

  • Tata Advanced Systems: Boeing partners with Tata to build Apache fuselages in India

  • Automatic Emergency Braking: “Forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking is the biggest safety advancement since the introduction of stability control over two decades ago”.

  • Not allowed to succeed:

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san said...

Here's an even newer upcoming and more convenient solution for cataracts:

Eyedrops would be far more practical and much safer than any invasive procedure.