Friday, November 27, 2015

Trump Getting the Modi Treatment From Left-wing Media?

In a sign of their desperation, the Left-wing media bastions are jumping headlong into Godwin's Law and openly calling Donald Trump a fascist, fearful that his soaring poll numbers are making his presidency a shoe-in:

This is of course a lot like how India's dominant Left-wing media have treated Narendra Modi. And of course Modi's election to PM immediately burst the bubbles of shrill rhetoric from Left-wing critics that India's streets would be ablaze if he took office, because nothing of the sort happened. The fact that the Left-wing die-hards are now trying to revise history with revisionist somersaults only shows how obsessed they are with shoving their narrative down everyone's throats.

How will Moody's react if Trump is elected president? Will we see them issue some dire economic warning that a Trump presidency could result in domestic unrest and instability, derailing US economic recovery? Will US Fed Chief Janet Yellen start lecturing the Whitehouse on tolerance, prompting Trump to tell her "YOU'RE FIRED!" and will we see prominent "intellectuals" hand back their awards to the Whitehouse?  Who will be the American counterpart to Amir Khan - will it be Sean Penn? Will Michael Moore dust off his filmmaker cap?

To hear the Left-dominated media tell it, trans-nationalism is the only acceptable political position, and any opposition to that - any type of nationalism - is automatically fascism.

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