Thursday, November 19, 2015

my 2002 rediff column on 13 kumaon's last stand at rezang-la, 18 nov 1962

and see this also, on the india-china tussle, which goes back millennia:

it's hard to remember now, but in 2002, china was nowhere near the giant economic and military power they are now. it did look like india had an even chance. alas, in the 13 years since i wrote that, india has regressed by 20 years, so that the chinese are now 30 years ahead. and will be permanently ahead of us unless we really all pull together. we have another chance to catch up now, but i fear we will fumble that chance, too.

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Sujeev said...

November 18 came and went, and even under a BJP government nothing written about it in major Indian publications. NOTHING!

What can we proud of, if we cannot be proud of the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for us?